Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17


Just simply removing rares will almost guarantee increased spend. No one wants rares in a runic chest.

But don’t stop there PG! Get rid of all those useless runes too and watch the spend skyrocket! :rocket:


Mythic Lumber Production…really?

That is just trolling people -___-


I missed that the first time around…that’s just hilarious.


Why would you add windwall?
It is the last in the line of spells to be used only last to evasion or cure poison on a run with no ballistas.


I fully agree with Reds list above. Production runes? Rares? Smh

Thank you for changing things, I very much appreciate the effort moving forward. :blush:


You can count me out spending rubies on runic chests if there is rare drops in there what a waste of rubies…


Another pay to play scam

PG is a perfect example for what the internet will look like if net neutrality is repealed


I for one am happy to see more information being posted and more feedback being sought.

The first Runic chest I got, I actually spent like $300 and got a single mythic rune that ended up being worthless so far. And I was a lucky one.

Recent incarnations have dropped useful mythic and legendary runes every 2 or 3 10x opened. This isn’t where I think we need to be yet, but it is a HUGE improvement.

Runes have always been a bit of a joke here, and I have seen a ton of improvement with them as of late. I hope to see more in the following months.

I don’t really have anything to add that red and others didn’t already call out. I personally think there will always be garbage runes for the same reason people tend to like sporting games that have high scores. (It psychologically feels better to get 10 runes where most are crap than to get 1 or less for the same cost)

Not related to what runes, but related to leveling runes. Dust has become extremely rare, and salvaging runes is a joke when you need millions of dust. There currently isn’t a way to get (useful amounts of) dust. Have you guys considered adding some reasonable dust drops to this?


Personally for the price of what they want for them I want all legendary and mythical so I can salvage for the dust


I thought the same thing, “How is this different then what is in silver chest?” Production??? Come on :unamused: Besides the elemental and a couple others this is a waste. I recommend all rares get taken out and productions. That will make it worth more than a gold chest. @kardul I have a legendary production my phone is dead but I can post a screen shot later if you are interest or would like me to confirm.


I’d like to consider a trade but my monument spreadsheet is not ready yet for you to choose something in exchange :joy::joy::joy:


I think it would be better if they just dropped dust personally.


No one would pay rubies for a chance of Rune dust… Or worthless runes only good for dust…


Get rid of the rares. The chests are pretty expensive and we get a ton of rares in silver chests.


They already do. That’s what all those junk runes are. And they amount to crappy amounts of dust too.


Why are you even FEATURING Runic Chests. Add this content to the silver chests …


I actually never felt the need to dust any runes except to replace it on a Dragon for a stronger rune… So I really don’t understand your need to dust everything… Get runes expert for your top tier Dragon should not be too hard but otherwise why dust?


Where do you get your dust? My next level on a mythic cost 1.14 million dust I can’t check how much is being given out on a dragon line this season but I know it’s way less than that (and that’s for ONE level).


Honestly I don’t know… Past seasons? Maybe I will have to worry later. For now I am not concerned about my rune dust.


What Red was spot on. Or if aren’t going to take those suggestions at least cut the cost way down. All the ones I’ve opened and witnessed opened have been garbage. Really rare in the runics. I throw them away weekly so fast at such a low lvl not sure why they are even available.