Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17


I don’t buy these chests since they’re filled with 99% garbage, and I agree with not wanting rune dust in there. the 327 non-legendary runes I have (yes I literally just clicked 327 things to see the total) would give me 448k rune dust if I salvaged all of them. If they stop giving dust in the season lines it’s gonna catch up to people. (I have rune dust to spare at the moment but will now be super stingy with it if it’s being taken out of season lines).

But yeah, I don’t really see much advantage to buying runic chests when you can just get a bunch of nonsense from silver chests for free.


Great adjustments, fully support these


This is what called precise and to the point. I never used rubies for runic or silver chests but what red suggested will definitely make runic chest interesting.


The highlighted runes/glyphs are
a) Broken
b) Useless or near useless in any sort of optimized base/dragon combo
c) Super common due to being almost exclusively given out during all events

To make it clear
+resist runes/glyphs to dragons that don’t have the resist does nothing
+resist runes/glyphs to a dragon that already has the resist, has a very very very minimal benefit due to the way the +% is added, and due to the fact that it is very low bonus anyways, and that they hardly do damage to the dragon with the resist anyways.

Example: If I have lightning resist native, even vs lvl 60 towers, I leave that tower up to shoot at me, so I build rage. Never in a 100-years will I want to add more “+lightning” resist, when I could say add +Rage.

I do not think its fair to expect people to pay 8000 rubies for chests that can contain these, as they are generally junk.

Rune / Glyph Name

Arcane Striker

  • This has a +% red mage supershot damage effect. Which does absolutely nothing.
  • it has a secondary that can increase tower damage or speed for random towers
  • it is extremely common in event rewards

Archer Resist

  • This is extremely common reward in events
  • This is a completely useless rune/glyph

Cannon Resist

  • This is extremely common reward in events
  • This is a completely useless rune/glyph

Charged Shield

  • Extremely limited dragon range

Dark Flak Resist

  • Fairly pointless rune. See discussion at top on resist runes on dragons

Fire Turret Frenzy

  • This rune does nothing (broken)

Fire Turret Resist

  • Pointless rune, see discussion at top

Fire Turret Striker

  • This rune does nothing (broken)

Food Production

  • Common in normal silver chests

Food Production Glyph

  • Meh


  • Havok doesn’t appear in any tier after GREEN/ORANGE tier

Healing Striker

  • Extremely common in events

Ice Turret Frenzy

  • This rune does nothing (broken)

Ice Turret Resist

  • Resist runes are pointless

Lightning Resist

  • Resist runes are pointless

Lightning Striker

  • Fairly common reward in events

Lumber Production

  • lol
    Lumber Production Glyph
  • See above

Mystic Striker

  • This has a +18% blue mage supershot damage effect. Which does absolutely nothing.
  • it has a secondary that can increase tower damage or speed for random towers
  • it is extremely common in event rewards

Storm Striker

  • This rune increases “supershot damage” for storm towers and does nothing - broken
  • Another junk item frequently given out as event rewards

Wind Wall

  • This rune is only useful for players at a very low level, and if they going to spend 8000 rubies, they should just buy a speedup pack, or 20 gold chests – both will give them a lot more.

Dark Flak Resist

  • Resists are useless, see above discussion

Legendary Evasion

  • LOL what?

Mythic Fire Turret Frenzy
Mythic Fire Turret Striker
Mythic Ice Turret Frenzy
Mythic Ice Turret Frenzy Glyph

  • I have all of the above, I’ve tested the extensively and they do NOTHING. No faster attack, no higher damage, nothing. They don’t add a single damage point to my ice towers or fire towers. Attack rating doesnt go up, displayed damage doesn’t go up, on replays it doesn’t even shoot fast (I think i have +18% – exact same interval)

Rare Arcane Striker
Rare Archer Frenzy
Rare Archer Resist
Rare Archer Striker
Rare Cannon Resist
Rare Cannon Striker
Rare Chaos
Rare Cloak
Rare Double Blast
Rare Fire Turret Frenzy
Rare Fire Turret Striker
Rare Food Production
Rare Food Production Glyph
Rare Havok
Rare Healing Mark
Rare Healing Striker
Rare Ice Turret Frenzy
Rare Ice Turret Resist
Rare Invert
Rare Invincibility
Rare Lightning Frenzy
Rare Lightning Striker
Rare Lumber Production
Rare Lumber Production Glyph
Rare Mystic Striker
Rare Rage
Rare Reverse Projectiles
Rare Wind Wall
Rare Wisdom
Rare Wisdom Glyph

  • RARE?? Also same applies to different spells, its just a kick in the face to see junk like “rare mythic striker” (1) Mythic striker does nothing and (2) rares are dirt common in normal silver chests. Also Rare double blast - thats a crap rune, for a single dragon in game thats obsolete anyways.

So really - as a premium product (8000 rubies a pop), you seriously need to increase the value here. The chance of getting a decent rune is so small, its nearly $100 to get 1 useful rune/glyph?


I still have multiple Ice Turret frenzy rune and glyphs sitting on my base. Acccording to Jared, these runes and glyphs are getting a remake. So my suggestion is if they have not yet brought a real function and desirable modifier to the base, leave these drops alone so other mythic and legendaries can drop


THANKS @TheRedDelilah perfect breakdown.

IF I ever spend on runic chests they have to have a lot less variety (Chance to get crap) and a high chance of getting very useful runes!

Also quick question: normal rune chests appear to be next to useless.
Spring this year it was announced that some rune chests will be revamped in autumn? Is this the answer?

If yes I think there is another topic which needs to be taken care of: either REMOVE normal rune chests from dropping or simply IMPROVE runes there too. Otherwise this whole runic chest topic is nothing more then transfering free content to buyable content (pay-to-win).


Don’t suggest removing silver chests! What about new players? Those who don’t have a dozen Evasion runes may still need them!

Besides I wonder why any player would like to entirely remove a FREE feature ingame. Free things are not that common that we want off with it! But I agree with you about improving rune drop in silver chests, hope it will be done later next year…


As a beginner player I must say the current silver chests seem extremely underwhelming. Even after playing for just two months everything dropping from silver seems mostly useless to me. It’s also a bit confusing as a new player that bronze chests are way more useful than silver chests, you’d expect silver to be between bronze and gold, not an entirely different kind of chest.

Free stuff is always welcome of course, but I admit I don’t even bother opening silver chests anymore, it feels like it just creates work cleaning up useless runes. I can only imagine what they feel like to higher tier players.


Open them. You don’t need to clean up unless you’re a neat freak. The 100 rune limit doesn’t do anything. You can go over no problems.


Well that certainly helps, although it still makes it harder to find the few useful ones I have from events and the like (sorting by name would be very nice to have there). And I may be a bit of a neat freak too… :smiley:


Removing dark flak? /facepalm

Also, the cost is WAY too high. Especially since most of the runes are trash (and you’re removing some good ones).


Great summary, Red. I agree with everything here.

I just want to say, too, that I really find the price laughable. I know others have said it but I wouldn’t pay 5k rubies for these chests, much less 8k. lol
They just aren’t offering us any value. Even if you followed every single one of Red’s suggestions, I would not pay 8k for 10 chests. Maybe 5k.

Runes just don’t make that big of a difference and there aren’t enough of them that are helpful. There are too many spells that still don’t even have associated runes! Focus on making new ones that actually increase the power of a dragon or tower in a significant enough way that we can see the difference. Adding bounces to a lightning spell and time to a shield spell are examples of good runes. Make more like those, please. :slight_smile:


I feel an improved drop is in place already.
I opened about 60 chests to get epic rage rune X 2 ( with cloak secondary) epic wisdom rune, legendary wind wall, legendary healing mark, legendary archer striker, legendary cannon striker and a few useful rare runes as well. Definitely big improvement over my last season’s drops.


What about the hunter mythic ammo glyph, does that work?


Oh and i would be pissed if i went in like i wanted to for those ice turrent runes etc


Or, which I doubt you’ll do but I might as well say it, you could put all those special runes in silver chests to start with. Seriously every rune in silver chests, you could even have a rotating silver chest rotation that is made public so people could decide when to open them. These runic chests aren’t worth it when you just get rares. I don’t see the reasoning behind, other than getting more money, to keep these runes for the “newer spells” (seeing how most spells past gold don’t have runes assigned to it) away from the public. Not everyone can afford to spend 8k rubies when you aren’t guaranteed atleast all epic runes. They are way overpriced for what they NORMALLY give. I’ve seen some beastly drops, but the majority of the time you get rares for days. Please just put the dang runes in normal silver chests.

Ok rant over lol


for the price, get rid of those rare runes. then I might actually get some chests

and i am sorry but the lumber and food production, no thank you.

but pretty much what red listed


Can confirm the Mythic Food Production glyph is dropping. :unamused:


Can confirm that Legendary Healing Mark glyph (sub cannon resist) is dropping :smile:


Got a legendary ice resist with trebuchet resist as secondary. What dragon even has those 2 resists even if trebuchet resist was something one would want