Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17


I think this is just terrible. These chests are over priced and worthless. Looking at the contents you are looking at about a 1:10,000 chance to pull something actually truly good. Keep trying. How about no runes in these chest, glyphs only, and dont offer the same garbage you give us week in and week out for event prizes.


Agree with what’s been said. Overpriced, rares need to go, and trim down the useless runes. Or better yet make new ones for spells that don’t have runes /glyphs but are becoming more common and feature exclusively those in this chest and place everything else in silver’s.


Seriously people. Stop buying useless chests!
If you want change you have to show them in the way they understand, and the more people buy Runic chests the more likely they’ll come back with, “well our data shows people are buying them so they must like them.”
Sound familiar?
It’s the same problem we have with mega coins.


48 likes on Red’s post. I think that’s saying something. Would be unfortunate if the advice were ignored.


With all these new runes could PG pretty please also work on some sort of organizing tool. I deliberately avoid looking in my rune/glyph stash because it is such a hassle to find anything. I don’t dust mine. I have a personal conspiracy theory that once I do they’ll suddenly become useful😬


Oh don’t worry about me even if I wanted to I can’t aw tempting as those mage super shot damage boost rubes are


Opened 10 runic chests…and guess what!?!
All shit! Best one was epic rage rune​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
Coz mythic food production ain’t worth shit!!
This is the last time I will open any more runic chests! Crap load of rubbish every single time​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


If there was a guarantee I was going to pull quality goods for the outrageous price.i would buy them. But 20 bucks worth of rubies for a dumpster fire? No thanks.


I just realized what they’re doing. By removing dust from season lines these runic chests are going to be “dust chests.”


Epic runes arenr that amazing tbh esp considering thats 48k (8000x6) rubies… Thats over 200 (!!!) Gold chests to get a couple of epic runes, not even mythic or legendary. Also windwall is shit. Basicly 220 gold chests or legendaey healing mark and some tower bonuses (epics not worth counting and ww shit).


Why in the hell did you buy that many runic chests knowing they’re awful?


Dont ask me but if thats the good loot hes gotten then ill assume its all shit lol. Also i replied to luffy asking the same thing


PG…just making changes isn’t good enough, those changes actually need to make the game better. This was a useless update to Runic Chests…kind of like the UI update that did nothing to make the UI more user friendly. Come on, step it up.


I threw away 27k Rubys (technically 24k) to see what happens. My results were more dismal than with the previous lineup.

In the past all mythic drops were useful at least kind of. This time around I got mythic lumber production. The only value I got out of it was a mythic wisdom glyph. I quickly looked at the secondary ability, and too my dismay it was cloak duration and not rage…

I did get both mythic and legendary dark flak runes. Which is okay. But as we have discussed many times, 6.7% is pretty weak when the skill grants 70% and is required to use the 6.7%. Not to mention there is currently no way to get rune dust to bring it to 6.7%, so I’m stuck with closer to the base of 4.8% (and really it’s not worth spending the precious millions of dust on)

So yeah. Pretty disappointed. I won’t be purchasing anymore until there is some value restored. (Not beyond testing the waters occasionally)

I aknowlege that you need to maintain a value and balance of the game, and that because of that you realistically cannot give out 10 worthwhile runes for 4K Or 8k, and so you must throw in filler (I recommend dust) because people would rage even harder if they got 1 or zero per spin. But what you have done is intentionally bring in junk runes, while simultaneously decreasing the value of the rune and making dust ultra hard to come by. Now to get what I want I have to gamble with hundreds of dollars.

We don’t want gambling. Or at least I don’t. I’d rather pay twice as much for a sure thing.

Each spin of 10 runes gets you a guaranteed legendary or mythic, but if they are diluted with lumber production which is weighted to drop far more frequently than any other, it wil cost too much money, and it will be gambling with more losing than winning.

I don’t go to the supermarket and spend $10 to gamble on if I can win milk. I don’t want to gamble on my runes either. Gambling effectively removes low and free play players from the running as they can’t afford to spend their only commit on less than a sure thing. (And I’d they do it is almost a virtual certainty of not getting what they want)


At least you can use the milk. I really think that PG needs to play the game unless a) this combined with the rune dust exclusion from season lines is a way to try to get people desperate for rune dust to buy these to scrap them b) they’re trying to dupe low level players into buying them since they feel like these useless runes are more worthwhile or c) enough idiots ( no offense lol) are buying them that their “data” shows that players “like runic chests how they are.”

If it is this easy to take things in and out of chests without breaking the game, it’s pretty inexcusable for them to really keep so much nonsense in there. Why, if it’s so easy to change chest contents, are worthless and literally broken and useless runes still in there? Why pay 8k rubies for a bunch of rare shit you can get from silver chests?

I only opened one rune for the legendary drop, but ice resist with trebuchet resist as a secondary…who in the hell is creating these runes and thinks “hmm yes people using the ice resist will certainly appreciate a trebuchet resist attached to it.”

I was expecting to get a piece of shit rune so I’m not mad about it, just hilarious I mean who in the world is thinking up these ideas? Who’s responsible for creating runes? Is it the same person that thought adding 1 min timers to bronze chests would be a welcome addition? There’s a serious and I mean SERIOUS disconnect between the actual game and the people creating its content. Unless, again, they’re doing it on purpose.

I don’t get it personally. If they made things worth buying people would actually buy them. But of course have to milk the whales who they know will open thousands of runic chests to get a legendary rage rune. Poor business model. You have hundreds of thousands of players here pg. I’m sure plenty would be willing to spend (aka grow your player base for the long term as people spending usually are more apt to commit to the game).

I’m a graduate student and quite frankly I’m very poor and wouldn’t buy these anyways (for now, as I have a year left in school), but even as is nobody in their right mind even if they are willing to spend some cash is going to pay for these unless it’s out of curiosity or stupidity.

Release stuff worth purchasing and guess what?? I’m willing to bet more people will purchase.

I still remember campuslifer telling us on the old forums that one of the biggest topics of complaint in game is about evasion. Evasion??? The forums are not indicative of the player base because of EVASION!!! Play the game some, then maybe you’ll realize how embarrassing and insulting these runic chests are. And this coming from someone too poor to buy them either way, so it’s not even for my own self-gain.


Totally agree with the need for price reduction. The runic chests are asking an arm or leg. It can only be worth it if there is no rare or epic runes/glyphs to be found. Yes we can argue that you don’t need to open them when you find that it is not worth it but why only make it exclusive for those who are willing to spend at all cost to get an edge over the others? Even so, it is still not fair for those who are willing to spend because they get far less than what to expect for the rubies.


It is moments like this that I wish I could hit the “like” button multiple times…


Why should we be charged for runes that should already be in silver chests?


The big rune dust shortage of '18 has started.

You are not prepared…


And the rune dust is more pricey than gold. Ugh