Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17


Wow the rune chest prices​:flushed::flushed::flushed: did some one forget to pay a bill over there?


@PGCrisis your price point is way way WAY too high. 8k rubies for 95% worthless or broken runes is a pretty bad deal.

Okay I get it, this is a chest type for spenders.

How about offering less shitty runes in events for everyone else in the meantime?


Legendary dark flak here, even though it’s in the “removed” list above???. Guess it’s destiny that I go for Leo. Hope they fix him if he’s broken. :slight_smile:


@Sparky4FD He’s not broken, rather shitty by intent :rofl:

@GangsterMatty8 I had a free bonus chest and used it on Runic Chests: Got the legendary food production glyph lol :expressionless:


I thought someone said his runes did nothing. Just finished token boost. Don’t really need another hunter or sorcerer so I will be thrifty then go for a rider later.


The runes from Leos’ branch don’t show their effect in the dragon menu (so they look broken) but admins said they work once the battle starts. They will fix the visual bug so the increase is reflected in the dragon menu (added HP).


Link to the post for reference


So then those pride runed DO work on any other dragon (he put on Noctua) too? Or did I read that wrong?


Yes they work on other dragons. They say increase dragon’s HP, not “increase Leos HP” :slight_smile:


Get ur Torches and pitchforks ready lol but yeah i havent wasted a single ruby on that crap and they need to do somethin about what they are doimg to these players who count on what PG says


I already summed it up in my season calculator


Ok, I may just be an idiot, but I can’t find a single dragon with Chaos spell… can anyone help? IMG_0092


Divine tab - Tengu and Fae


Thanks. So for someone like me that started at the beginning of the Summer Season completely worthless?


Or for all the people with neither :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe it’ll show up again but who knows…


Dust those runes :man_shrugging:
I am in same boat.

Edit: Only dust when you are in dire need of dust and don’t see any way of getting a lot of dust otherwise


If you have SE or EE dragons, you can get chaos from fire flak and ice (EE only). But yea, pretty much worthless.


I did the same and got Legendary Lightning striker. Salvaged it for good dust :slight_smile:


As long as we keep spending rubies opening runic chests with crappy drops, PG will keep providing expensive runic chests full of crappy runes/gylphs.


Do NOT dust legendary chaos, C’mon man dont be tellin ppl dust that kinda stuff lol just keep and act like its dusted, not there, who knows what they will make.