Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17


What he said. YES PLEASE…


I like runic chests as they are. In a pay to win game, why do we (by we I mean non mega whales) want yet another way for others to buy bragging rights?
The way runics are now, we can just not buy any and also not fall further behind. Theyre perfect.


Lol, this is a great point actually. Make them worse, even. Evasion for all, and for all an evasion! They’re too expensive for me either way so I agree, keep em shitty.


I don’t know which one is more wicked: The idea itself or you, who likes it. Or me, who finds that appealing. :slight_smile:

edit: Regardless what I just wrote, these chests are not worth paying for in their current state.


Got mythic lul


Popping back in here again to say, to everyone here who’s added their thoughts to the mix - thank you! We specifically wanted to provide insight on the contents of the Runic Chests to get opinions from you all, which are super valuable for our team and can impact the Runic Chests’ contents moving forward. Many thanks for providing that to us. ^^


So now that you’re hearing, from this subsection of players, the runic chests are waaayyyy overpriced and filled with worthless runes, what’re you going to do about it?

Also @pgCoffee thought I remember you mentioning in the twitch stream there would be work on runes. Any updates?

And finally, echoing what this player base is saying… could we get some glyphs, good glyphs, or at the very least rage glyphs in the seasons tabs instead of runes? It would accomadate lower, mid, and higher level players


I don’t understand why PG is allergic to glyphs. 2 rune slots for the billion trillion runes out there and 3 slots for the same old rejuvenate glyph they give every single event :man_shrugging:


Everyone would be happy and you’ll get more spenders IF
1-PG remove rares
2-Remove useless runes (resist, defence runes (most))
3-Reduce the price significantly or place these in silver chests
Just to sum it all up.


Maybe should have kept that one close to yourself. They’ll probably figure out a way to take that away now


Well, the first thing we’re going to do is review internally, so the team can take these learnings into consideration. Then, we do the same thing we do every night. Try and take over the world.


Okay lady, I love you buhbye!


Good luck trying :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I thought that was my thing… :joy::joy::joy:


Lol got that too :joy:


Shhh don’t tell them the tricks! They will find a way to remove it…! Haha!


I got one too but I don’t have (and cannot get!) any dragon with the ability. Sooo useless! I’m not buying any of these when even a “good” item is totally obsolete.


Runic Chests are fun, aren’t they? :wink:

You have a “chance” at a legendary or mythic drop, but just what is that chance?

If you open them one at a time, here are your chances:

Rare – 35.93%
Epic – 59.88%
Legendary/Mythic – 4.19%

Seems pretty good, right? Probably not the odds you were expecting.

Why rare runes are even possible with this “premium” chest, I have no idea. Who actually wants a “rare” rune? PG is grabbing for your money, and they are misleading their players regarding the probability of a desirable drop. They’re not lying–they did tell you all the possible drops–but they didn’t tell you how unlikely you are to get a drop that you want.

The best part is they can coax you to do what you know in your gut is probably a poor choice by offering runes that are not offered, in any form, even common, from silver chests. They “unintentionally” buff flak and fire turrets by an enormous amount shortly before releasing dragons that can resist them–they promise to rebalance. I’m still waiting for the rebalance to happen. They have runes that can enhance the resistance, but they are available from chests that can be acquired only with rubies. You do that math. I think you can connect the dots.

Back to the odds. I did say if you open them one at a time. If you open 10 chests at once, you are guaranteed 1 legendary or mythic drop, but odds are high it will not be one you actually want. Even from that guaranteed “good” drop, you have less than a 50% chance it will be mythic, and of those mythic drops, only 6 are something most players want (flak resist or elemental turret resist).

The only chest in this category that is weighted slightly to the “desirable” drops is the bonus runic chest you get after opening 30. But even that one has items you can get from silver chests and that you probably don’t want.

It’s just another attempt by PG to separate you, the players, from your money. If you want things to change, speak with your wallet, not your voice. PG may peruse these forums, but they care about their bottom line.

~Power to the Players


It was repealed :eyes:


Lol, PG almost made the Chest opening experience more like a CASINO experience especially for the RUNIC CHESTS since we hardly can win in casinos accordingly to the law of probability in most games otherwise the casinos are not going to survive as a business, same as PG. But still, this is a game and not a slot game and i don’t think those who love this game for strategy and skill would appreciate too much on gambling although a bit can be fun, not like dumping a premium 8k and expects to get lousy items most of the time.