Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: March ‘18


Hello again, Dragon Lords!

Runic Chest contents are once again in rotation this month, and will be live this week alongside the launch of the Gauntlet event. We have significantly reduced the diversity of Mythic and Legendary Runes & Glyphs that are in a given Runic Chest each week. This means that players will have a higher chance of getting specific high level runes that they are targeting. We will continue to rotate the contents of the chests, so check back in every major event. If you know a certain Rune or Glyph you’ve been interested in obtaining for a while, now your chances are better than ever! Here’s the current breakdown of available contents in a Runic Chest:

Current Rotation

  • Epic Arcane Striker
  • Epic Archer Resist
  • Epic Archer Striker
  • Epic Cannon Resist
  • Epic Charged Shield
  • Epic Dark Flak Resist
  • Epic Fire Flak Frenzy
  • Epic Fire Turret Frenzy
  • Epic Fire Turret Resist
  • Epic Fire Turret Striker
  • Epic Food Production
  • Epic Food Production Glyph
  • Epic Freeze
  • Epic Havok
  • Epic Healing Striker
  • Epic Ice Shock
  • Epic Ice Turret Frenzy
  • Epic Ice Turret Resist
  • Epic Invert
  • Epic Invincibility
  • Epic Lightning Resist
  • Epic Lightning Striker
  • Epic Lumber Production
  • Epic Lumber Production Glyph
  • Epic Mystic Striker
  • Epic Rage
  • Epic Reverse Projectiles
  • Epic Trebuchet Frenzy
  • Epic Wind Wall
  • Epic Wisdom Glyph
  • Legendary Arcane Striker
  • Legendary Fire Flak Frenzy
  • Legendary Fire Turret Striker
  • Legendary Ice Flak Frenzy Glyph
  • Legendary Northern Lights - Dark Rune
  • Legendary Northern Lights - Light Rune
  • Mythic Arcane Striker
  • Mythic Fire Flak Frenzy
  • Mythic Fire Turret Striker
  • Mythic Ice Flak Frenzy Glyph
  • Mythic Northern Lights - Dark Rune
  • Mythic Northern Lights - Light Rune
  • Mythic Rage
  • Rare Arcane Striker
  • Rare Archer Frenzy
  • Rare Archer Resist
  • Rare Archer Striker
  • Rare Cannon Resist
  • Rare Cannon Striker
  • Rare Cloak
  • Rare Fire Flak Frenzy
  • Rare Fire Turret Frenzy
  • Rare Fire Turret Striker
  • Rare Food Production
  • Rare Food Production Glyph
  • Rare Havok
  • Rare Healing Frenzy
  • Rare Healing Mark
  • Rare Healing Striker
  • Rare Ice Turret Frenzy
  • Rare Ice Turret Resist
  • Rare Invert
  • Rare Invincibility
  • Rare Lightning Frenzy
  • Rare Lightning Striker
  • Rare Lumber Production
  • Rare Lumber Production Glyph
  • Rare Mystic Striker
  • Rare Rage
  • Rare Reverse Projectiles
  • Rare Wind Wall
  • Rare Wisdom
  • Rare Wisdom Glyph

So, what do you think of these updates? What would you like to see in the future? Tell us in the comments below!

Whats in Aprils runic chests
Runic Chest = Garbage
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seriously. rares shouldn’t even be drops in these runic chests.

plus how many broken runes or garbage useless runes are still on that list

i sure am not wasting resources on this garbage still.


This is a new rune/glyph right?


How many times do you guys really want to spam “Arcane striker” and “mystic striker” which are close to useless…
Are those reply to rune dust shortage?
Also when releasing northern lights runes, why not glyphs as well?


I dont even know why you ask us this. We say theres shit and you keep serving us shit


@pgcoffee (blame tag on @pgjared) and @pgpulse. Why are known broken and useless runes still in rotation?

Post cred goes to @ShadowsOfBirds

@pgcrisis thank you for the information and communication, we appreciate this. The displeasure expressed in this thread is not towards you or the informative post you made.


Ice Flak Frenzy…they already attack super rapidly. I hope this glyph/rune isn’t like the other frenzy runes which add close to nothing as a buff


@PGCrisis why are there mystic striker runes? Mages aren’t made to do damage smh. Nobody want a rare rune from an expensive chest…




30 epic
6 Legendary
7 Mythic
30 rare

Honestly I think it’s ridiculous!
60 of the 73 are either rare or epic? So about an 85% chance you get an epic or below? And I couldn’t use 50 to 75% of these runes anyway…

Why no legendary rage?
And if you don’t have or want a Northern lights rune then besides the very very very small chance of getting a Mythic rage basically all the good runes are for the base and not dragons? That doesn’t make much sense…

The good runes and Glyphs for dragons are hard to get you continue to need these (with new dragons) once you put a very good rune on that island it’s set unless change base around…So why bog it down with base runes when we need good dragon runes?
Sure my base could use a few more Mythics lol but chances of getting them are low and I’d much rather get dragon Glyphs anyway…

The seasonal lines brought Glyphs back to they are specifically for those dragons so they cannot be used on what dragons we want anyway…So getting great Glyphs for the dragon you want is still as hard as it’s always been.

And all of this for what? 1600 rubies per chest? Twice the price of a gold? As bad as I need some more good dragon Glyphs I’ll pass :pensive:


fixing old runes ( chaos,…) would help us a lot more than adding newer runes…


I’m finally going to get a mythic to drop and it’ll be arcane striker. Book it.

:see_no_evil: :man_facepalming:

Runic Chest Pulls KOTH event

I can promise you that they have weighted drop %'s anyways for each of the different rarities. Each doesn’t have the same 1/73 chance


For your sake, I hope the chest gods are kinder to you than that :grimacing:


I don’t envy your job being forced to send this mail. I for one appreciate seeing that these chests are garbage in a more tangible way than i already knew.


Just throw away the rares in Runic chests! There’s already (too) many epic. We want Legendary and Mythic, not rares! I almost choked seeing that you still offer Arcane and mystic strikers, of the highest quality!!!

I don’t even wonder why no one I know buy those chests, even when they desperately need runes…


List is read like:

  • epic dust
  • epic dust
  • epic dust
  • epic dust
  • epic rage
  • epic dust
  • epic wisdom
  • epic dust
  • legendary dust
  • legendary dust
  • legendary rage
  • mythic rage
  • mythic dust
  • rare dust
  • rare dust
  • rare cloak
  • rare dust

How do you manage to get enough rune dust?

We are working to fix busted runes. In this DCON we actually released a fix for runes / glyphs that impact tower attack speeds.

They should add a fair amount more. We’ll be releasing a more comprehensive explanation presently.


@PGCrisis personally I’d like to see Legendary Ammo or Mythic Ammo .
I’m sure a lot of us would :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


thank you for ur answer.
but what means „DCON“?