Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: March ‘18


Actually, since the drops are weighted, and not based solely on the number of drops, based on the last set of runic chests…

If you open individually:
35.93% – Rare
59.88% – Epic
4.19% – Legendary/Mythic

Assuming you open 10 at a time (for the 1 chest that will be a guaranteed legendary or mythic:
Rare – 32.34%
Epic – 53.89%
Legendary/Mythic - 13.77% (These are the same category, so for this, you can split it based on the number for each rarity). EDIT --Nope. They are weighted differently. Mythics have half the chance of dropping as legendaries, even though there are more of them.


AFAIK, DCON is an update to data files already existing (so, no application update is needed).

You can usually tell they are happening because the game will take longer than usual to download and load files when you open it.


Has anyone (player, PG) tested whether fire/ice flak frenzy runes work? Fire and ice turret frenzy runes don’t.


I have not yet tested. And I don’t have video from a no-rune situation (and I’m not paying to remove runes just to test).

I have heard that the Ice flak one is working.


I have tested the ice turret with only an epic glyph. Pre rune was 5 streams, post rune was 6 streams.


Thanks, sounds like this is fixed. :slight_smile:


I got a Legendary Fire Flak Frenzy :smiley: wiiiiiiiiiiji


I got a legendary Arcane Striker… yay? :unamused:


No way on earth I’m wasting my money on these.totally agree there shouldn’t be any rare in there and frankly for the cost ery little (ideally no epics)


Why can’t you sort runes Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic? Both in-game an on the forum? :slight_smile: Alphabetical is stupid


Haha 8k for that :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I seem to be getting lucky with these…I got another mythic rage.
One I got this event and the other earlier in the year.




Lol seriously :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m gonna assume these are directed at the OP lol


Looks like most of the glyphs are food production!!?? Can those be removed and exchanged for something useful, like even a basic (archer, cannon, etc.) tower attack glyph please?


I have never seen so many mythic runes in one place :exploding_head:


Lol there are many people who have many more than I do. There’s a few more below that page too.


Seriously these should be made available in silver chests. What’s the point of having these towers/ dragon skills with no runes to add? Pg should review on these and make the towers/ dragons more fun instead of either giving only choices of using rage runes on is it sapphire and beyond. Well if paying for more mystics I would think a lot of players would not mind buying . Would suggest that tunic chests should contains more mystics or special runes such as added hunter ammo, added percentage of damage by warrior flame, added percentage of damage by sorcerer shots, added percentage of tower buff, mystic terrets and flaks runes and resist , and etc. Silvers should contains some basic base runes such as those of terrets and flaks and runes for the dragons skills, eg increased noxious vines coverage, increased tectonic bomb damage etc. My two cents worth



So, for the first time in a while, they have mixed up the Runic Chests (other than subbing out the top Mythic/Legendary Runes). Chances have changed, and there is something not on the list. :smiley: