Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: March ‘18


I got this runes :disappointed_relieved:


This seems too common to be a coincidence.


Yeah I know it’s a list and I don’t think they base the % off that specific # by each one…Obviously they’ll have completely different odds I don’t think there’s a 1 and 76 chance to get both an epic food production and the same for Mythic rage even though my above post kind of looks that way lol

I was more or less just frustrated with not only the contents in the runic chests but also no useful
Glyphs for dragons and the few useful runes they have almost seem impossible to get! Figured it would be something like an 85%-90% chance you don’t get a Legendary/Mythic rune.
And it just sucks to see that in the small chance you even have most all the legendary and Mythic ones are not even for dragons…

It’s a joke and that’s what? A total of 6/7 Glyphs? And not one good useful Glyph for a dragon? These were not thought about out at all…
The only glyph for a dragon you have to go all the way down to an epic wisdom Glyph that’s the best lol
The other Glyphs are for Ice Flaks & food and lumber production!! NO ONE EVEN USES FOOD AND LUMBER PRODUCTION GLYPHS OR RUNES wth?

People have runes we need more Glyphs!!! You
Litterally have 2 options off the Sigil line (Doesn’t work if not for that exact dragon) so the only option is runic chests and the best glyph we can get for our dragon is an epic wisdom if we pay 8k rubies? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: A $20 pack is 6k rubies so yeah we are going to pay $30 in rubies for 10 runic chests that will be mostly garbage but hey if your like me and need Glyphs that $30 might get you an epic wisdom! :joy:

No dragon Glyphs here worth anytbing so yeah
it’s will you pay ALMOST 10k rubies for a very small Chance at getting a Mythic rage “rune” Definitely not!

I don’t usually complain much about PG I do think they listen and have started implementing changes that benefit the players that’s obvious but I’m not sure what they hell they are doing here?

Edit* I know they put Glyphs in event achievements but not always for dragons so if there is no good one in event achievement and it’s not a seasonal dragon your are trying to glyph the very best you can possibly get is an epic wisdom for 8k rubies that’s kind of ridiculous lol


I got the same in 2 accounts. And I am not rich enough to afford one DF and one FF.
So much for runic chests.


Pretty terrible lol I’d be embarrassed posting this list to the playerbase pretty clear they don’t want feedback if this is where we are at this point


I can tell you right now you’ll get 50x more spending if you just get rid of all rares. Guaranteed.


In reviewing the drops available, it seems like there is some additional “weighting” being done by having multiple runes of the same display name.


Most of the runes in a given category have the same likelihood of dropping. Some do not. Others, because of duplicate display names (same rune, different secondary effect), have double or triple what, on the face, would be their chance of dropping.

Mythics and Legendaries do not have this (duplication) issue, but they are weighted to make getting a mythic, fairly unlikely.

Overall Chances (Opening 10 at once)

Specific Look at Legendary and Mythic

Duplicates (i.e., there are more than what the list indicated–much like there are more cards in the bazaar than 9–a lot more, so this is not that bad, relatively).

I wish you all the best of luck.

May the odds be ever in your favor… Although, in this case, they are not.

Gamble wisely, my friends.


same here


Someone won the lottery twice then… :joy:


Content is still full of rare runes and broken/useless runes.
Price point is still a ridiculous 8000 rubies.

I woulnd’t even spend rubies on this trash if it costed 800 rubies, I’m way better off with the runes from season branches and putting my rubies towards gold chests.

Get rid of rare runes, get rid of broken runes and get rid of useless runes.

And even then I wouldn’t buy any of those because besides Rage and Wisdom there are basically zero Legendary or Mythic runes that boost any useful skill on Obsidian or higher tier dragons.

Maybe you should start to add some diversity to your offers like other games do. Use a slider or a store to offer all the different chests you can make.
Divide your Runic chests into runes for towers and runes for dragons.
And then divide the dragon runes into different tiers to match the player’s needs. Each Tier of dragons has skills that that need specific runes. Noone wants Wind Wall runes after Green Tier.

Then think about your price tag:
Sell Runic Base Chests for a medium price, everyone can make use of those.
Sell Runic Red-Green Tier Chests for a cheaper price.
Sell Runic Plat-Emerald Tier Chests for a medium price.
Sell Runic Obsidian-Harbinger Tier Chests for a higher price.

When players know they get something that is somewhat useful, they will more likely buy the specific Runic Chests.
A high price for 99% trash isn’t going to motivate anyone.


Is there a such thing as Legendary or Mythic Canon Striker or Frenzy as far as the regular round runes? I’ve never seen them? I have them both Mythic for the triangle glyphs.


I have a legendary I think.


Updates on what you do are great. But telling me that the odds are better in th runic chests, blech. I think I bought 1 maybe 2 fir 5000 rubies. I don’t think so. Not anymore. I’ll stick to the gold chests where as it is I have to get at least 3 sets of 10 to get any of what I’m looking for. I most definitely do appreciate the forum though. It provides me with the info to buy less not more.


I would just like to say this is a ridiculous way to communicate such a crappy update!


Stop putting rare runes in ruby-only chests.

Stop doing it.


This is a pointless endeavor. Players say what the want and makes sense. PG ignores it and makes it essentially the same, possibly worse. This cycle is not about to change anytime soon either.

Frenzy runes are still absolutely worthless so there is that too.


can havoc rune work on aibrean ? i didnt see any chaos rune in your list @PGCrisis


No, it must be the exact same spell name


Does invert work with reverse projectiles rune? :joy:


And even then they dont work, so…