Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: March ‘18


But they might, one day…


@pgcrisis runic chests are horrible way to spend your rubies on…totally not worth it !


And even with the same name there’s a chance it doesn’t work :sweat_smile:
Wasted legendary rejuvenate rune and glyph on Nollaig. Cause u know, why would a rejuvenate rune work on rejuvenate…
I know its different because of the 0 rage cost but its still the same name :thinking:

Edit: NVM i’m stupid and the spell is named regenerate instead of rejuvenate. Me blind.


Isn’t Nollaig’s Regenerate?


Oh wow you’re right.
Damn i feel stupid right now :joy:


@PGCrisis as a user my feedback. Runic chest should contain premium content like legendary/mythic runes/glyphs as it is of 8 k rubies cost for 10 chests. Rare/epic rune/glyph should be part of silver chest. Kindly share users feedback to concerned party as this game has lot of potential and pg has option to earn money from these chests.


Everyone has to just come to accept that runic chests are not for us peasants. It is for a few select people who dont mind throwing away rubies to get the runes they want and will spend whatever it takes to get them. It for those people so why would PG make it cheap?


8k for these runes is horrific. The legendary 500k drop is nice but really 8k. Half the price and maybe players will consider it but maybe consider useful runes like more rage glyphs and resists in legendary or mythic. Northern lights cannot be a mythic drop for 8k. Honestly if you have the money to drop 8k then you will highly annoyed to get that as your mythic. Please PG re-think why you are asking players to spend this amount of rubies for what most are clearly saying are rubbish runes. Either up the drop rate of mythics or half your price.


If this pile of c**p is not supposed to be for us peasants, I expect it‘s for the top of the top spenders.

Ironically it has no runes to boosts any of the top dragon tier‘s spells, so I really wonder who PG thinks is the target group :joy:


they want the one rune that rules them all… Mythic Rage = $$$$$$$


Mythic rage… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Or Mythic Ammo… But yeah…

They bury the one thing everyone wants in a pile of :poop: and then charge you like the whole bucket is caviar.



I don’t ever see mythic ammo in runic chests. It chooses to remain mystic


It’s not there this time.

It remains elusive.

I meant only that it is highly desirable, not that it was available.


I know that. Still, in the number of times they have released the list of runic chest contents, I am yet to see mythic ammo. It remains elusive forever.


It was an event prize. A global personal prize.

I have not seen it any other time. But my memory is not perfect.

I think the legendary has shown up a few times.


Ha what would we level up these mysterious runes with even if we got them??


We really want Ice Turret Striker pls :slight_smile:


Who is we?
Because I don‘t :thinking:


I don’t either lol…but I wouldn’t mind a hunter ammo😃


That would be sweet, but not if the drop chance is 0.1% and you get spammed with trash runes at 8k rubies :man_facepalming:t3: