Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: March ‘18


Will we have runic chests during the April 4th event? :grin:


You mean ice turret frenzy? Bc ice turret supershot doesn’t do much damage.
(Unless it’s vs ember on stream…)


If it‘s the usual adding supershot damage effect then you’re right, it would be as useless as the storm striker rune.

It should be a rune to boost the ice shield HP applied from the supershot, but not sure if PG can even code this…


Nope, i mean Ice Turret Striker. We want runes to increase Ice Shield’s HP :slight_smile:


That would be fun!


Does that rune even do that?


Ice Turret Striker doesn’t increase HP :thinking:


:flushed::sob: Your poor dragons. They’re like “Mom! I want a rune” and you’re all like my precious


Yeah you got me wondering… so frenzy runes work… what about strikers?



Also fixed it for ya.


Archaeologists and paleontologists have written treatises proposing the existence of a resource known as rune dust, believed to have been meaningfully present long ago. While most in the modern era find these claims outlandish, the fossil record does seem to support this theory. The aristocratic explorer PGLordAsriel has asserted that Rune Dust confers consciousness, and removing it from the game was necessary as a safety measure to prevent players’ phones from becoming self-aware.


Finally found who snorted all rune dust.


Lmao hysterical


You have a way with words Tinsir :heart_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think you may be suffering acute Dust Withdrawal Syndrome.

You should see your doctor, if it lasts more than 4 hours.


Sadly I think that acute Dust Withdrawal Syndrome is more likely to last for months and months… especially if the person suffering it is F2P or E2P.


Unfortunately, the only real solution at this point is to flood the “markets” and then consistently provide enough dust to meet demand for new runes.

Since the shortage lasted for a while, the number of runes in need of enhancement far outpaces the amount of dust in the WD universe.

Even the fix, which is an improvement. Is not sufficient to even upgrade the runes in each line… So, there is more, and yet there is not enough.


Clearly it is an evil scheme to make us buy runic chests so we can dust those runes :woman_facepalming:t2:


Their Jedi mind tricks do not work on me.


Yeah Tinsir. You bada$$.