Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: March ‘18


Will there be another rotation this month? Or is it once every 3 months?


Runic chests seem to be every PVP event now… except for when they’d land on super sigil chest weeks.


Were you eager to spend some excess rubies?

I have a more productive proposal, but we’ll need to ask PG to donate your rubies to me first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just take all the rubies you were going to spend on runic chests… And don’t spend them on runic chests.

Convert the m to gold, buy some super speed up packs and build your team’s infrastructure if you have atlas. Or, gold chests are always a popular choice. You could even forge a different path and open Silver chests. You be just as disappointed, but it will cost less than the runic… And, this is really the best part, you can open MORE chests… So you can vainly hope for a longer period of time that the rune you want will drop. It’s like twice the agony at half the cost.

Another really fun way to spend a lot of rubies very quickly is to power level a high tier dragon from zero to expert. I’ve found when I really need to spend a few million rubies, that is the best way to go.

OK… Obviously, I’m not being serious here. I’m not sure if the runic chests follow a set pattern or not. They follow something close to a pattern. So, I’d suggest having the bonus chest queued up as a just in case.

Silvers don’t vary that much. So, sitting on the bonus for a bit is not really a problem.

Maybe @mechengg has kept close enough track that he can say?


Sorry. I’m not asking about whether there will be Runic chest or not, in the next PvP (as it’s 99% yes).
I just want to know what rune / glyph I can get from the bonus alone :smile:. And hoping that I can get a good one (need Mythic HM glyph…)

And I don’t have spare rubies for Runic anyway


Maybe Orca was also wondering if (s)he should be opening silver chests to get that bonus chest to appear before the results pannel vanishes in another 15 minutes (a bit less than that, but 15 is a nice number).


Won’t know that until the chest hunt begins.

Definitely have the bonus queued up.


Always have the bonus queued up, doesn’t mean you have to use it but if you don’t have it queued up you certainly can’t use it.


The OP literally listed all possible drops currently in rotation so unless you’re talking about anything other than runic chest drops, it shouldn’t be surprising that you haven’t seen it yet because it’s not on the droplist.


but isn’t that just for that particular event?


@TH0R25 OP = Original Post.

No need to read any comments, just read the first post of this thread :man_facepalming:

You don’t have time for that but you expect others to take their time reading your post and answering it, way to go :clap:

Again, in the OP they said “this month” which usually covers two PvP events.


Skip to the beginning and read.

I answered your question, if you don’t care, don’t come to this forum and ask questions.


Is mythic rage glyph currently available or just mythic rage rune?


just rune in the list above


Oh no point to spend 8k rubies :joy:


Can anyone tell me why mythic rage glyph isn’t available anymore


its available. two of my friends got it
Edit: sorry i read wrong. i answered the question and you repeated it :man_facepalming:
you missed reading answer above. now Savage had to correct me :disappointed_relieved:
I think i should start writing no glyph more explicitly


Nice. Good to know that someday i might able to get 1 for free during pvp lol


There is not a mythic rage glyph in this batch.

There is a Mythic rune, but not a glyph.


:frowning: When are they going to put it back again


If I knew that, I think I could make a living as a real fortune teller. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best I can do is tell you what is available after the chest hunt starts.

Normally I do only gold chests, since they do not have an overwhelming variety of drops. More drops = greatly increased work on my side, especially if I make it pretty. If you just want a list, that is easy.

I will try to do the Atlas chests that Echo mentioned, but Atlas is different. I may not be able to get that information.