Runic chests are too expensive

500 rubies discount any good?

Trying to justify this ridiculous price of 7500 rubies to open 10 runic chests?? :man_shrugging:

Dont do it. Pretend runic chests don’t exist. Your SO and wallet will appreciate it.


Most of these are crap anyway. Ammo is in silvers during KW so that’s not special. The only special thing in there are the generic Dragon HP and Atk runes, which while nice only really matter for invokers. Rejuvenate, Cloak, Invincibility and regular silver chest drops? Who are they trying to kid with this junk?


If that was the price for legendary(as the epic drop chance), mythic and exotic as the legendary chance id be more interested

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Forgive me if I am misremembering, but wasn’t part of PG’s sales pitch on chisels that they would be able to offer a better selection/wider range of runes/glyphs as event prizes and in chests (silver/runic)? This was a blatant lie.

7500 rubies :roll_eyes: what is that? Almost $50 for 20 runic chests :joy:


I lost all my silver chests when runic appeared today… were we informed that was going to occur?

It’s not lost, just not visible.
You can ask support on how many silver chests you have atm :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ve been playing at least since winter 2017 so how do you not know that silver chests are kept but cant be accessed when they’re replaced by Runic/Sigil chests?

You’ll have all of your silver chests and any that you earn once the runic chests are removed

Probably Casual player, not as active so may not notice the previous runic chest events which were not that often anyway.

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You lost the free silver chests though…


Can you ask support to open the free silver chest for the duration of the runic chest event??:nerd_face:

We can still get silver chests this event, more than potentially free chests. Also, chance to get good drop from silvers are so bad that losing 6 or 7 free silvers won’t hurt much.

Looks like the general verdict is that it is not worth spending rubies on runic chests, right?

It is ridiculously overprized - so No, don’t spend on this

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It’s more expensive than super sigil chest. So outrageous.

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