Runic Chests are worthless wastes of gems


A team mate opened a “10 pack” of runic chests Got mostly RARE RUNES same garbage runes you get when opening silver chests conclusions
1 Not worth the money or gems spent Wait til you get free silver chests Cause PG has reduced the drop and want players to pay for runes now And if you indulge in paying for runes you are enabling this behavior which is another knife in the back of all players in the pg quest for the all might dollar
2 you would be better saving gems or buying gold chests Especially for the prce

Buyer beware Dont do it


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So now that it’s on topic: I agree it’s very random you can get a pile of diamonds or a pile of :poop:

People should be aware they’re gambling with lootboxes if they’re looking at chests. Both outcomes are equally likely.


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I do agree that when opening chests that its win lose or draw Sometimes its great sometimes its not But 8 K rubies for crap is just wrong My team mate isnt the only one to experience this So we must question the value equation Its not worth the risk Buyer be ware


Lol what is even better is that allegedly the runes that enhance turrets, like the ice turret frenzy, dont even work…as in broken, non operational, deactivated, or without function :slight_smile:


Might be between 2 piles of crap :joy:


Please continue the conversation there. There is no need to create a new post for this subject when it’s been discussed for a while there and most agrees Runic chests are a waste there. You will find buddies who agrees with your point of view. But please since it’s an official thread, stay on topic (runic chests and runes) and stay correct (no offense, I don’t mean you weren’t, just saying since you are apparently fresh to the new forum).

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