Runic Chests, how about Glyphic Chests?!


No, I’m not complaining about them replacing silver chests.

My issue is what is IN the Runic Chests. Why should I get all excited to spend a ton of rubies to get to my Bonus Chest, only to open it and receive a Legendary Evasion Rune?

The highest tier dragon that I could find that has Evasion is in Green Tier (Urd)!! I’m in Garnet and PAYING for useless runes that can only be used on useless dragons from several tiers ago.

PG, please, I beg of you, remove the useless runes from at least the Bonus Runic Chests…

And OMG edited after the fact to show that glyphs are in them now… so basically this whole thread took a turn…after we realized there are Glyphs in them now…


Agree to all you said, and also another suggestion for PG - if you want to charge 5k rubies for 10 of these chests it better give out something better than gold chests - so how about giving out glyphs in those chests instead? I’d gladly buy a few to get a chance at some good glyphs. I don’t need more runes I need glyphs!!


I’d be happy if they came out with Glyphic Chests…at the same price of Runics, IF and only if, there was 0% chance of getting a Glyph in at least the bonus chest for a spell not found above green tier…


Yes agree they need to curate the spells on those chests. But hey, those aren’t for high levels only you know - so there still needs to be some low level spell runes/glyphs on there as well - that’s just an unfortunate side effect of being a BIG in a MMOG…


They can leave all the garbage in the 10 other Runic Chests. Every one I have opened lately has had a RARE Rune in it, minus the Bonus, which is guaranteed to be Legendary or Mythic…


Oh yes sorry didn’t read your post correctly - yes I agree the Bonus chest should only have Legendary/Mythic high level spell runes in it - side effect tho is that there aren’t that many of those runes/glyphs in production yet so your choice of runes from this rule would be very limited.


Hey, I’m fine with Rage, Healing Mark, etc being in it… even Wisdom. At least that is USEFUL. Evasion…is that even something you can get with Steal or Extract Essence?


Hahaha yes good old evasion - I maybe activated that spell once? On Drude? Just to see what it does… :wink:


What the hell? I’m getting reports that there ARE Glyphs in Runic Chests now…


Shockingly, I got this in one I opened…

Malfunction of game

I was hoping you were lying John…

What gives @PGJared


In my inventory…

88% at level 1!


Chaos! I dunno what they broke, but they broke it BAD


NO WAY! I’m gonna go get me some now!


What the hell - they’re 8K per 10 now? Wasn’t it 5k last event or was I dreaming?

EDIT I took the plunge anyway and I did get one glyph in the 10 - unfortunately it was an epic mythic striker… :angry:


I think you were dreaming


Crap runes until the last one :man_shrugging:t3:



And I missed the middle opening, it had another Legendary Dark Flak Resist.


Mythic rage glyph :scream:You beat me!