Runic Chests offered for April 4, 2018 event?

Hi ya’ll, do you know if runic chests will be offered during the next event? I wanna make sure my bonus is ready if YES. Thanks in advance. :rose:

If you have the chests available I’d always make the bonus available :slightly_smiling_face:

When I collect my bonus chest from a special chest I always immediately go up to 30/30 for the next time chests are changed out


I just hope this use of silver chests doesn’t ever get removed. It’s a nice little bonus for those of us that don’t want to spend too much or completely f2p

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But its a waste if the runic chests aren’t offered next, since I would like to claim the free daily silvers.

I do that too, but it scares me when I might have weeks getting tempted by that big, shiny gold button before the runic chests come back. It’s the sort of thing I could see myself pressing in an absent-minded moment, much like ‘Accept’ on a recruitment email.

Runic chests generally appear during PVPs, barring unusual circumstances (e.g. end-of-season sigil chests). The next event is a PVP, hence if things stay the same, there will be runic chests.

You get a daily silver chest during minor events, so for maximal efficiency, I open those as they come in and then do however many runs of 10 that I need for the bonus after the event ends.

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I’d like to remind my team to get their bonus chests ready for the runic chests but don’t wanna do that unless I’m sure it’ll be happening. I’d rather stay mum on it than be wrong …

I want Runic chests in season lines instead of silver chests


I cheap out and use the free ones but definitely by end of event it will be ready to claim

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