Rusher max troop capacity, bug?

hello, I have a level 4 Rusher and its max troop capacity is 21.2k but i cannot load more than 20k.
asked PG and they said they will investigate it. and while they are investigating it they suggested me to post in forums, so :woman_shrugging:t2:
Is this a known bug or I am just dumb and missing something :roll_eyes:

thank you

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Looks like something could be counting from 0 instead of 1 in the UI. Thanks for the report @xenvy, we’ll get this fixed. (64566)

@xenvy It looks like this may have been due to you not having re-summoned your Primarch after training it to level 4. When Training a Primarch, you have to summon it again to gain the higher level version. Let us know if this was the case!

yes, it is fixed after resummon :v:t3:
thanks :balloon:

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