Rushers not trapping

Just trying to work out a scenario my team experienced. We were trying to attack a garrison and we brought 3 rushers for their 3 taunters. The taunters would be trapped but still they would taunt us. What did the opposing team to do keep us taunted?

Opposing team had a bunch of destroyers and a few rushers on there garrison as well.

How many troops were on your rusher?

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2k per rusher and they weren’t getting hit or anything

Ok so how rusher ability works:

See it had a timer next to it how long it will trap?

Say lvl 3 rusher traps for 4m42seconds and can hold 20k troops.

If you had 2k it would trap 2000/20000 x4m32s

Aka 28 seconds.

This would mean you wouldn’t really be able to disable the taunter long enough to stop it unless you had near perfect timing.

If you had more troops on them, they would trap longer, thus becoming useful.

This is directly due to mechanic exploits that ppl were using low troop rushers to disable full taunters (not you, just explaining why it is like that)


Ah didn’t know that was a thing, thank you😊 people were talking about it only trapping for 15 seconds or something like that so that seems pretty inline with what you said.

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