Ryuu now has a heal time?

So, I recently won the lovely lovely dragon Ryuu while defending my base in our most recent war. I really hate having this guy in my roster, so I decided to use him against an xp base to give the base owner some free medals and hopefully a couple of rubies. After Ryuu died and I returned to my base, he had a one minute heal time? In the past, he’s always had no heal time at all. Luckily I decided to screenshot this anamoly.

it always did if he got damaged and died or something i remember this.

Oh, okay. It’s been a while since I had him that I couldn’t remember :laughing: Guess I never had cause to look at my roster so quickly while he was healing lol

Fwiw, I have either never had a heal time or have never noticed it ever :thinking:

That’s why I was so shocked that he actually had a heal time :sweat_smile:

Yup if he dies he has up to a 1 min heal time. Not sure if it scales per level, but it’s fairly short regardless :+1:


Okay, good to know! I never had noticed before.

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He also wants to level up every time he’s in my roster.

maybe you got a secret version of ryuu o.o


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