Ryuu suggestion

Yo so we know that Ryuu is like essential to the code and if messed with causes some potentially gamebreaking glitches. And offering another dragon in Ryuu’s place was cool but more of a one of the time thing.

So here me out, what if Ryuu simply had an increased chest rate, like higher chance of dropping goodies when destructible would be destroyed. Also maybe a buff or two to his damage and spells would be cool, but yeah but could that work?

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No, because:


They tried to replace Ryuu way back when the first invoker was rolled out. There were some bugs and pg never tried it again

I mentioned that already, I was talking less about replacing Ryuu and instead just buffing him and making him useful for farming chests or something.

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They may be able to make him the tier that you are currently in the game and make his spells all white possibly BUT he would still be useless. His rage gain is nice but no shield, no dodge, no one shot, it would die easily

My main thought was making him useful just to farm chests with perhaps higher chest drop rates.

A dragon that pops up for 2 hits at a time isn’t going to be useful. Stop trying to make fetch happen!


:notes:We don’t talk about Ryuu-no-no-no. We don’t talk about RYUUUUUUUUU :notes:

Leave him alone and just forget that he exists.


Whoever coded Ryuu should of had a backup plan to replace him somehow, change my mind.

While I do agree, spaghetti coding used to be a typical way for the coder to ensure his job. So I doubt that anyone who still uses that tactics will try to make themselves more replaceable.


He’s a dragon that pops up as a small little 2 round woot woot when you defeat x number of dragons on your base and was created way back before I’m sure most of the people working on the game realized how long or complicated the game would run. For what he is (which is certainly not one of the big issues in the game) he doesn’t need to be replaced.

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I think players would defend more if the rewards were worth the effort.

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Yet someone says that they don’t want it to be exploitable…. Funny enough money does that but hey it’s their money anyways. Yet we have more problems than whales. Yes I’m kinda jelly though too.

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