S0ns are looking for new riders

S0nsofanarchy are looking for active players, atlas is our main focus! Atlas snipers.! Currently in platinum 2 heading to platinum 1.!
With to 2 failed attempts of disbanding… MFS don’t want wanna see this team died! Come find out why,

We are currently 44/50… spots are “not” limited
Looking for about 10 players, any team looking to merge with us is welcome too

We don’t do politics here or deal with peoples BS, no big “No Hit List” the whole map is free :japanese_goblin: we do understand that real life does come first, so communication is a big deal to us! Taking a vacation, missed a quest can’t meet the event goal. All you need to do is message leadership team.

Requirements are as is no 0 points in any events main or atlas
We do push for 8/8 is possible, 5/5 - miss one if fine
100k troops minimum; 100k monthly kills
We do have castles, we are a hybrid pirate team! With 8 castles 1T3 the rest are t2
We are expanding. 880 egg tokens daily

With our solid growth, we are sure & most definitely heading to sapphire 3 in the near future! Come join the anarchy… come join the chaos… come feel real murder.

Msg on line: ID; Vala_nj
Or drop an application to our team


Language: English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic
Time Zone: PDT, EST, BST
Played time:
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: any
Highest Lineage Dragon: any



Safe to say we are kinda sapphire material :smirk:

Platinum 2 44/50
Troops: 15,060,593
Castles: 10
Atlas Rank: 371
Power Rank: 454
Monthly Kills: 10.53m - Rank: 220
Total Kills: 294.27m - Rank: 370



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