S1 Team looking for active Players

S1 XXBOHICAXX is recruiting. Are you active and like to burn em down then apply to my ign (which is MarshMeloooooo) or in line (taylorsdrago is id) - while active is more important than level or dragons you will struggle if you are not well on your way with breeding and base basics. Prefer to interview in line before process is complete so hoping you have a line account.

Have to comment and say fantastic team and great leadership. So i give my approval :ok_hand::raised_hands::facepunch::muscle:

Wow Thank you!

Just to clarify - activity is greater than level but if you are not past or close to 300 or more then you will face struggles and not be happy as you wont be having fun Same goes for breeding and base - you need to be in the billions folks.

So no body wants to join a team that makes other people lose sleep at night? complains we keep them up and losing their minds? doesn’t that sound like fun?

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Բոհիկա քնում է

Bohika k’num e

My sentiments exactly lol

We are still looking for a couple players if interested.

I think some details and fun facts about your team might help interest some applicants :slight_smile:

Ha maybe not sure I have any fun facts this early in the morning but details are we are still looking for a couple applicants. Google bohica for a fun fact :joy:

awesome team and fun there

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oh god got to keep it open just in case lol

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