S1 - XXBOHICAXX - Accepting Applications for Summer session

Summer season will be on us shortly and we have room for the right applicats (yes cats lol))

We expect you to be well on your way to top dragons and your base is kick ass - both AP and DP need to be in the billions.

While size matters we all know its how you wiggle the worm that gets the fish so you need to be active in events, atlas for sure and look at quests as an added bonus.

The rest doesn’t really matter, fact is - you fit you sit - all applicants worthy of this honor will be invited to the round table in line to discuss further so you need line LOL.

I thought the knights of the round table earned their spot vs a “you fit you sit” model lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Also with the AP and DP, is that when you’re looking at my screen, or when I’m looking at my screen, or at the attack screen

Its what you see cuz that is the number my fellow punster

Gotta bump up the post and recommend everyone to apply to a awesome team with exceptional leadership

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just email any officer in game if interested.

Why is everybody so in Cats? They are just a good barbecue.

Awe where my post go ur not awesome hahahaha

was a spelling error - I just left it. But whatever tickles your fancy

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