S3 looking for new teammate

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May I interest you in providing the information that is asked about your team?


No team no info how are we to know

Ops! If you want more info! Write me


Most likely a troll

If you want teammates, maybe you should put a little effort into your post. :rofl:

Maybe that’s the genius behind it. They don’t post anything to show that they don’t need anyone and therefore people will want to be a part of it and come to them?

I’m starting to think S3 means “Silver 3” here :grin:

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It’s a duplicate of her other post and i dunno many active silver teams with atlas, so unlikely.

@Galatea819 Suggest you close this and put more info in the other, like at least the team name?

In the same way that I send you an email! and do not need a genius! Maybe with ingenuity

She mailed me in game so I can verify that it’s not.

Lol she farming you now?


No! Lol

Saturday funny?

She said she was having issues i messaged in game her teams @48 members in sap3 team name is alzheimers

@moderators need to close this one she remade it because her device had issues and closed everything when typing at first i did message in game to verify it wasnt a troll post to

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Well it seems that the post is giving game! at least there are people who have nothing to do and are dedicated! to respond! without thinking that maybe not put Sapphire! Do not put what team name is and etc! It can be a strategy or not!
Or maybe I forgot

I messaged to give u a heads up at first for more info :laughing: cuz i seen u was @48 members i know how it is being short in sap

Nah I’m just an asshole. :slight_smile: