S9+ Game opening speed

I have a Samsung S9+ so it is a pretty quick phone. When I first got it a while ago Atlas was unplayable but it has since improved.
I was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to speed up opening the game, like a special settings I could set.
It currently takes anywhere from 40seconds plus to open the game. Whereas on an iphone it takes 5-10seconds.
Sometimes I attack in Atlas and the game crashes and by the time I get back in my prim is dead

No. Their Android coders are not really good :man_shrugging:


Welcome to the War Dragons on Android experience
Really really sucks the experience

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Android all around sucks for playing WD. Someone just figured out that defense items take 5-6 seconds to deploy on Android but are nearly instantaneous on iOS. It’s pretty crappy.

That sounds about right

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I know this dos not help but ever since getting an iPhone it’s almost literally like playing an entirely new game. Opens in about 5 seconds instead of the 2 to 3 minutes it took me on my S5 (I know old phone but still). I wish there was better advice to give, sorry.

Edit: though I will say on Android I never had to worry about running out of hammers since they took so long to use :man_shrugging:


S8 here no problems loading at all

I think that’s the only silver lining I’ve ever heard someone say about playing this game on android :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Though it is kinda like a double edged sword :persevere:


Lies. I’m on Android and I often out of hammers :sob:

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Well I guess you and Cheeky need to compare notes because apparently he didn’t run out of hammers on Android :joy:

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Do you have a crap phone? I had a galaxy S5 so I’m sure that didn’t help things.

I have a Samsung S9+. The game does load slower than on my iPad. Not sure why but it is slower downloading assets. It might be the WiFi in the phone being different from the iPad. I notice some things run slower on the phone than the iPad when connecting to the internet, not just the game. It might be hardware, drivers, or just OS but either way it doesn’t matter we can’t change or look anyways.

It could be any number of things that could be affecting your phone different from mine. Difference in network (WiFi assumed) from house to server (things we have no control over like internet backbone stuff), running background processes, other things installed on the phone, other network traffic to the phone like other app notifications (muted discord for this reason), etc.

All I can say is that I am running the game with only a few notifications turned off but all the graphics are on. It crashes a bit, recently more on startup, but once I am in the game I have no issue until I have been playing for a while. There is really nothing you can do to make it load faster. About the only thing I did that gave a bit of difference was adjust my house so the computers are all on Ethernet and the WiFi is set to 5G and a different channel then my neighbors are using to avoid interference. This took a lot of research and a new router on my end to achieve. I didn’t do that for this game on the phone, but for other more annoying issues like WiFi dropping on one device that wasn’t consistent. The benefit to load speeds of the game was a bonus.

Cheeky, the S9+ came out earlier this year so it is not a crap phone by any means. It was Samsung’s flagship until they released the Note 9, but still is you don’t want that big of a phone.

Asus Zenfone 3, which has been 2 years+

I am not proud of this, but I went for an iPhone XR just because of this damn game instead of OnePlus 6/6T :roll_eyes:

I was running it on S6 Edge before this, so you can imagine my frustration :yum:

Noooo!!! OnePlus are marvelous! I have a 3T and it was almost on par with S8. But I get you, I tried this game on an old iPhone 5s and ran better 🤦…🤦🤦🤦

Yup, it really is. I’d choose it over any other android devices for sure.

Way to look on the bright side :joy::joy::joy:

logout => clear cashe => reinstall game.

Do it in that order.That should improve your load times significantly, both in game and while entering the game.

I’m pretty sure its you with the crap phone…I feel bad for the phone…

Have to open developer options and change window animations scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration down. Makes phone not go through all the animations for changing screens and loads faster. Worked for my s9+

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