Sad state of affair in Atlas

There are now several level 4 castles that I call “trap” castles. They are gateway castles that go unclaimed. Until some poor soul from a Platinum team decides to “claim it” and get promptly slaughtered at 100% glory. Or it goes unclaimed and turns into the new Aligane at times. Or, from a purely speculative point of view, these castles have turned into a place for people to use a 2nd smaller account on a different team. Then kill troops off at 100% from their own 2nd account.

Whatever the issue is with these castles it just goes to show what is wrong with Atlas. One alliance has so many 4s and 5s they dont care to claim it. Another side wont be able to hold it. Soon we are going to need a home for wayward castles.

Those accessible T4s are a trap. :slight_smile: Some land just isn’t worth the hell of trying to hang onto it and I don’t see that as the root problem. Lots and lots of ideas floating around on plenty of Atlas threads and I don’t feel like re-posting any of them.

I don’t see those particular T4s as an issue though. Let whoever wants to try and hold them do it and then keep an eye out for easy 100% glory sniping. That is mostly what Atlas is these days. Individual glory sniping. Castle guard swaps when you can get them.

PG isn’t going to “rescue” Atlas in our lifetimes. Give it 6 months or a year and we’ll be doing the same thing for “exotic” gear that adds 20% over elite for 20X the shard cost.


This is false. It’s not that people don’t care to claim it, it’s that regardless of what “side” you’re on, those castles get hammered daily and it’s not worth the troop loss. Not to mention most teams already have a few door castles and are not looking to pick up anymore as they are already having their troops killed off at their current doors.
So no, the problem isn’t that the wealthy just don’t want it cause they are already having tea parties at their other 4’s, it’s that strategically the teams don’t want to deal with another door.


We are having a kegger. Why pony (keg) up to become a 100% glory punching bag?

I just call them Hot Tater castles


Wait, can we use them as community property? Make them glory swap sites? :thinking:

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One downside though.
Due to bubble blockade things, it will need some active team to actively manage the castle.

Wrong wording :woman_facepalming:

and of course some re-re platty team would roll in and conquer the thing outta sheer ignorance.

So every time pvp comes along. The team would need to disable the shield

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  1. Ensure the it’s grabbed by one neutral team (no hit from big alliance)
  2. Pulverize the team capturing the castle, and give back to the neutral each time it’s captured.


XPfarmsLooseX1 is a neutral team

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Soo … if the shield is down and there are no prims from the owner team there, will the prim of other teams get delayed?

No guards no delays even if primes there.

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That neutral team should be able to hit anyone if this is going to be successful. They can’t farm team glory if they are only limited to aligane.

I would join that neutral team for the sake of farming glory for the team glory. Though I only have a handful of troops because I rarely play now, but it’s still good enough to farm a fair amount of glory.

Perfect. I’ll ask @Alleviates if XPfarmsLooseX1 can provide this service. Feel free to list the T4 castles here or mail me :rose:

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