Safe Passage given but still enemy?

So we have given safe passage to some teams to our land. which we thought that the system will recognize them as allies instead of enemies; but when one of them parked a primarch at one of our island then the whole hell broke loose. Cant transfer recourses, cant load troops. even transfer commenced before it was parked can not be transferred. It showed it has been transferred but the recipient could not get it " transfer delayed because of enemy primarch". Not until we get the person to move the primarch then everything is back to normal.

is it possible to make the system recognize teams allowed in safe passage also allowed to park without interrupting the team’s activities?

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I agree more needs to be done with the ally system. There should be a way to mark a team as an ally. This will allow them safe passage and not lock out bases or poachers when they are located there. In addition when you go to attack an ally in atlas it should bring up a warning that it is an ally and are you sure you want to attack.

That last part is so allies can still swap GP runs with each other, but won’t get each other confused for enemies in the fog of war. The should also be colored different. Maybe purple or something rather than red or Blue. @PGDave

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Safe passage cannot be used to prevent combat actions because otherwise teams could neutralize enemies by giving them safe passage! A formal alliance system is planned for the future (but not the near future right now).

transferring rss is combat action? I am not asking to hit or being hit, I am asking for rss transfer and troop loading. If they are alliance, they should not be seen as enemy and blocking transfers.

With Alliances being so critical to Atlas I think this should be bumped up on the list of things to get done.

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