Sage i think would be a good resurrection dragon what do you think

Are there any resurrection dragons that you would look forward to next season and if it would fare well with today’s towers.

Sage is pretty weak in the current meta, back then he was OP because I heard he had all white spells, I think they nerfed one of his white spells to make him manageable to defend against.

Nope, not unless they were going to bring back something newer like Gilas or Krelos.

Resurrection dragons are stupid. They’re just a way to prey on people’s nostalgia while charging a premium price for useless content. Then you get situations like this season where they advertise a useful change and then go back on it, leaving us again with a useless dragon in the current meta.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, they should be doing a Remembrance or a Reincarnation line instead with a new dragon and new spell kit that is modeled around an older dragon but with actually relevant spells. Like Kinnarix and HauZ


Tbh I think a better way to resurrect dragons would be make them comparable with that seasons mythics or something, otherwise like what said it’s just useless content like most legendary dragons

Yup bring back krelos for all us new players that missed out. Please and tanks :grin:

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Not Sage, his spell is too weak. He was hyped for being a warrior with the “thunderstorm “ spell. Sadly “thunderstorm “ was nerfed right after Sage was introduced.

Until PG brings back the original “thunderstorm “, Sage will remain as a weak dragon.

P.S. “thunderstorm “ brings back my memories about Meridian, most OP dragon at the time.

Krelos ain’t happening people or have you all forgotten he destroyed the meta 2 years ago?

PG specifically said they will never bring Krelos back.

But they also said they will never bring back divine dragons from past seasons before they decided to introduce the resurrection branch.

Was the nerf about changing the color of the spell from blue to red? I can only vaguely remember, so I could be totally wrong and thinking about something else. :sweat_smile:

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Sage had his spell kit changed due to it killing ever tower with such ease back then, I however think even if they changed them all back to white he’d fail to even withstand everything because remember Morta?

I second this, I maxed out Krelos and she wants more stones…

Color changed from blue to red, so no damage until you kill the mage first.

Damage per lighting bolt was reduced too.

Old thunderstorm can kill/ disable a Long Island in one go.

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They changed it from blue to red, and later to white. The damage was nerfed to so finally the spell is no longer relevant…… sadly.

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Some dragons pg could revive that wouldn’t suck (as much) going from earliest to latest pre spring 2019 (Ronins season as that is the beginning of modern season structure):

  • Zamrok, reason: has multiple defensive spells which it could cycle plus the don’t have cooldowns + a way to dodge orrery with Mystic Winds. Possible changes when becoming a res dragon: Change resist to adaptive resist, increase breath boost from Super Heated Breath from 65% to 100+%.

  • Kirin, reason: again Mystic Winds can dodge orrery. Kirin would be way way way less viable than Zamrok however.

  • Fomhar, reason: Since dragon doesn’t have the OG Cloak (which PG doesn’t want to change/buff for some reason) fomhar’s cloak CAN be changed, preferably to white (unless you think blinking is still viable against modern bases/towers). Posible changes: Autumn’s Reap breath damage boost goes from 85% to 100+%. Vanish colour change to white, cooldown goes from 6 seconds to 3 seconds. Resist swapped for adaptive resist.

  • Zotz, reason: can dodge orrery/other super shots with red cloak (<-- also the only red cloak in the game to my knowledge). Possible changes: Shadow Dispersal (cloak) changed to allow dragon to use spells and shoot while cloaked, 3 second cooldown changed to 1 second, 2 second duration changed to 4 seconds. Sacrifice colour change from blue to white. resist swapped for adaptive resist.

As you can probably see, a pattern is emerging with what dragons could be viable resurrections (with the right adjustments from PG which they probably won’t do because for some reason they still cannot design good dragons after all of these years unless its a fluke or a hunter), where they need to be able to dodge super shots, specifically the orrery + ice flak. If their spell set doesn’t allow this then they will be trash. since PG does not want to change lineage spells (for some reason) all lineage spells on dragons, like OG cloak aren’t going to be changed and so won’t be that useful as modern spells. So sadly this list does not include Sage as Sage does not have a way to stop orrery or iceflak.

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Both those warriors would look rather pathetic in the current meta.

I never said they would be good lol, they just won’t suck as much as other res dragons.

Those two warriors you mentioned, yes … yes they would. Only two that would work is Fomhar and Zotz I’d get Fomhar if he got ressurected because he’s still decently useful.

I think zamrok or kirin would be good if mystic winds blocked flaks too

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Zamrock has Mystic winds, which is similar to a modern dodge spell that lasts for 4.5 seconds, with no cooldown. Yes two rage cost but with rage runes + adaptive resist he could use it maybe 3 times while using the breath boost. For defended runs, Zamrok’s success will depend on the value of the breath boost. If it remains at 65% then no way, but with the changes i offered, increasing it to 100% or more, then Zamrok should be able to burn through towers at tier. Keep in mind i am thinking of these dragons going against non maxed, 1 to 3 island kills at most, since PG designs legendaries to be viable, not longer bases.

Mystic winds blocks all projectiles, so its like a dodge without adjusting the dragon’s movement or dealing damage.

Mystic winds doesn’t block flak towers though. So in the modern meta, one ice flak super shot will kill both zamrok and kirin.

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Huh that wasn’t in the description on Neon. My bad, this would then be another change so that Mystic Winds does block all projectiles.