Sage is now so useless


please gm’s when i went for sage she was the best ever warrior and i loved her so much,she became my main…why did you weaken her thunderstorm now shes so weak get her back to what she was she is a divine and i got some normal way better then her now. i paid money to get sage to max now im regretting and im sure i wont go for any other divine with money cause i know you guys will render them useless like sage:(. i used to be able to kill some xp bases to make her xp now she cant even pass the 2 first isle of some bases lv 105 shes lv 20… she is a warrior yet she has no resist at all so her thunderstorm was helping her get throught hard isle making her maybe half health but clearing that island, now she just dies trying no fire power no good spell and no resists…please at least give her back her strong thunderstorm… :frowning:



Sage was unbalanced. PG was going to change the spell to Red like all the other thunderstorms were changed to, and people like you were so vocal about not wanting that, that they agreed to change it to white with a decrease in power.
Y’all did it to yourselves, I’m afraid.



well this changes makes her so useless, i would rather thunderstorm red with more fire power :(.i never asked for this changes why PG wanted that change? did player whant this spell to change? i hope she will get back in track cause she is a divine dragon… hope pg will make her back to divine ranks :/. who should we contact to be able to be heard by PG ?



They don’t need to tweak her THAT much…It needs another look



Just search for “sage thunderstorm” and you’ll get your answer regarding why it had to be changed, along with the users’ disapproval, some whining and other comment

Sage is special, as it is a divine dragon, so the white TS is weaker, but unblockable by mages.

Edit: I don’t have Sage as I am fairly knew to game, but from other games’ experience I would say this is a sad, but absolutely natural way of game life: It’s Sage’s time to retire. Let me tell you a story:

in 2014 I started playing a new game, Summoners War: Sky Arena. We had a lovely bunch of monsters to play with, some scenarios, it was a new world to explore. Over time the game expanded rapidly: new monsters came out on a regular basis, some new scenarios, and even completely new areas of gameplay, at some point even the real time PvP was added… Blablabla, where was I going with this? Oh, yes. :slight_smile:

The monsters we considered OP in 2014 were (almost) useless by 2015/2016. This kept us moving forward with game, collecting monsters, et cetera.



its not a bit weaker its insanely weaker compared to lightning of borgian or lightning of equestor. the high lv towers usually was getting 2 to3 hits of thunderstorm now it takes like 7 hits so thunderstorm doesnt kill anything i rather her TS like red cause as for now shes getting killed any island passed lv 100 cause no fire power spell unblockable but useless and no resists.

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I’m sorry, got distracted, read my edit please. :slight_smile:



lol ok so with evolution i paid money for this dragon means i will pay money for all dragons getting weaker each year so i buy next one? like i said id rather a red spell blockable then a white spell unblockable but does nothing on a base lol



I believe the problem extends beyond lightning storm. His lethal barrier glyph may no longer be working. It seems to do far less damage upon explosion.

Does anyone else notice this? I yanked him off my perch to experiment with warriors again (I am a Necryx/Avyx freak), so haven’t flown in months.



yes sages lethal barrier explodes right after cast and does no dmg or almost. if you have no shield she stand on lv 3x towers for like 3 sec then shes dead.



Well, if if explodes immediately that means you took more damage than it could handle. I’m not referring to that, but as an aside, that’s part of why he sucks so bad in higher levels.

The explosion itself seems to do a lot less damage than before.



The brief answer is only 3 characters: Yes.



yeah so thunderstorm was compensating for her being a glass cannon
but now they nerfed her only good side wich was making her glass cannon.



This is not true. Sage was just fine the way he was. But we’ve been around and around on this.

What we asked was for them to leave Sage alone. Changing the spell to red would have made it completely useless. Changing it to white was a step in the right direction but no one wanted the accompanying nerf to the strength of the spell. Again, we just wanted Sage to stay the same as the dragon we originally earned. I don’t think that’s a crazy request. So, no, we didn’t do this to ourselves.
At the time, I said I was happy about the compromise but I would wait to see how much they nerfed the power. I’m sorry to say it is a significant nerf and, really, too much. I hope that PG will reconsider giving us our original dragon back.
Sage was never OP and will never be rocking anyone’s world. Let those of us who use him enjoy him for the time we have left with him. No need to force him into the nursing home any quicker than he already is by virtue of the existence of dragons like Necryx, Kinnarus, Avyx, etc…



Sage is NOT a glass cannon - no warrior is due to base stats alone. Warriors are well known for not being able to hit high above their level (which would be why LB pops so fast).

If you want the damage back, go post on the balance thread that you want her thunderstorm to be red. Welcome to balance changes by the way



hi agree with jenny there sage was not OP at all cause she had no resists. sage is still a divine making a 50% nerf of TS makes her so useless in higher lvs. 50% is % of a number so the more she lvs the more she gets weaker. hope at least theyll put it back to 75% o r80% or red spell for 100% i hope theyll do something cause sheis going to nursery now :confused:



well then why she cant get maxxed xp on bases, if i do choose 21k exp bases she gets ko’ed on the first island ,i used to be able to lv her up she was almost dead but she was killing 21k exp bases (im lv 110 and shes stopped at lv 20 so shes maxxed in gold and cant get XP from the bases from her lv approx and that is even hitting her power range.



You should be finishing Platinum tier by level 110 or so, or at least a good way through, that’s why you’re having an issue. Your dragons are underpowered.



well i need lv 112 to make base lv 23 so i can lv 20 to 21 i also need platinum legendary X 1 but its normal lvs
as for asking on balance changes i doubt it will do anything but i wil



I think I was level 110 when I hatched my first Sapphire on my alt, honestly. Focus on your breeding.

The thing with the balance change is that people who posted about Sage were overwhelmingly against making the spell red. I was all for making the spell Red. This is why.