Sailors/hats regeneration


Am I missing something bc I didn’t get any hats for destroying enemies?

Is this the way to limit troops?



I’ve had the same problem - has resulted in loads of troops that can be revived n no sailors/hats to do it with. Used to get them when we attack?!!


In 3.70 combat was adjusted so peasants are no longer rescued by the attacker. But the attacker will be able to revive some of their killed troops instead. The details around this change are here in this post (search for ‘Combat Balance’ in bold sort of near the top).


That’s garbage just sayin


Getting to revive troops as an attacker isn’t a bad deal – it’s like rescuing peasants, but conserves a variety of resources (gold, sailors and time) rather than just sailors. It’s definitely different, but we’ll see how it plays out. Can you tell me more about why you preferred getting peasants instead?


Attack summary: attacked player at my island
He lost 10k, I lost 3.9k. I could revive 400 ships.

That’s not very pleasant, feels like I got punished for defending my home. Almost 5 days ships lost for a pretty well executed attack.


Maybe I’m thinking about it incorrectly, but before this change I could recover enough sailors to build about 70% of lost ships when I was attacking. If I was attacked, I could revive 80-85%. Now I’m getting back about 10% revive for successful attacks and maybe 30-40% when attacked.

Isn’t the net effect of these changes to make the troop consumable much more valuable than it was before? I don’t even want to attack any more, and I’m hovering around top 25 lifetime for ships killed in beta.

How was this change supposed to incentivize activity?


This new system totally blows - it’s made things worse rather than better. Why change something that isn’t broken? :roll_eyes:


I prefer the old system as well.


Its not that we prefer peasants, more like the original numbers were different. Punishment for attacking seems counter-intuitive.

This is my opinion:

When attacking, you should be able to recover some of the soldiers lost, the amount should be reversely related to how well the battle went. Eg if you pulled off an excellent attack (5 flames 100 percent clear sieger hitting sieger) you should be able to recover large percentage of what you lost. You were absolutely victorious. However if you did poorly, say 2 flames or only 30 percent of bas destroyed, you attacked a defended rusher, you should only recover a small pecentage of what was lost.

The range between the above should be around 20-80 percent. The time it takes you to rebuild these should never be less than 24-48 hours, to stop ppl from constantly re attacking same person. Should not be solvable with money.

Now same scenario but you are a defender, very successful defense - high recovery, very poor outcome - low percentage recovery. The rescued soldiers should all be rapidly recoverable - around 6h as long as battle was at your fort.

The sum of the above should be a zero sum: both players (attacker and defender) cant have eg 10 percent recovery. Or 80 percent each. There has to be some permanent gain/loss.


Problem is without a lot of sailors I can have trillions of revivable troops and Rebuilding takes forever bc I’m limited to the free 4K


I have to admit that this change @pgdave is definitely ruining the beta gameplay. If you execute an attack with 12k troops and win each battle your left with 400/800 ships to rebuild. Then it takes 5hrs per 400,

This really needs to change as it’s too slow and penalises attacking well too much. I get if you lose and lose ships but when you “win a war” people are normally left or injured to help be recovered.


In the last iteration of the beta, if I had too many ships to revive I would go and attack someone to revive them faster. That is completely off the table now, which also ruins the gold economy. If I only need 400k odd gold to build that’s 2 mines. Gold value significantly decreases. Overall gameplay is also slower which was the original complaint the community had with beta. I will be the first to admit that it’s ALOT better than it was. This system is a step back.



It ties back into discussions we’ve been having for months, in terms of the pace of shipbuilding, incentivizing attacking vs turtling etc. I think there was a bad turn a few months ago when pay/ruby ships completely overwhelmed “free” ships and then there was a discussion around making the ship consumable less valuable, perhaps even equivalent to a health pot or something. The 3.70 changes…did not go in this direction.

I would think an ideal system would have relatively generous free shipbuilding, would reward successful battles (attacks/defenses) in terms of a revive mechanic but would also have some “bite” to losing ship battles or else the whole thing is kind of meaningless. Maybe revive ships are locked for 48 hours or something, so that in a takeover battle the losing side can’t just quickly revive most ship losses as was possible pre-3.70. To the extent these changes were meant to address that, I understand the concern but I think an unintended consequence was to make ships even more valuable and unduly punish attackers with miserly “retention” ratios.


Sounds like the tl;dr is that successful attacks should allow the attacker to revive more lost troops than is currently allowed. I’ll investigate.

Ship loss ratio

Hmm. Maybe

I think there might be a mistake in the code somewhere.

We have had multiple scenarios where people get decent amount of revives say 60 percent and then 6 hours later with almost an exact similar outcome they get 15 percent revive.

Also as stated
On both attack and defense I’m getting less than 10 percent revive, even when in both scenarios I clearly won.


I agree I have jobs in for2 of my accounts, am not getting any satisfaction… lost 130k ships and got nothing in return… can’t even get a reply even though I have provided screen shots and details… so frustrating as I stopped attacking in last event because I lost so many ships with no return :confounded::confounded::confounded:


I’m going to post more about this here later today: Ship loss ratio

Closing this thread so we can have discuss this all in one place.