Sailors? When building troops

Getting a sailor needed issue when trying to build please help asap i have gold an hats whats sailors never asked this before

It’s an old beta name - sailors = hats.

Lx460 posted this here :rofl:

Click to expand, takes up a lot of space :p


But i have horns i usually converts @TheRedDelilah

So its another bug its bs to farm all the gold an have all these issues trying to make the troops

oh, to address the actual issue - I’ve found that a hard restart sometimes works. Someone else reported the regen issue coming up again, though. If that doesn’t work, put in a ticket and post the number here too to poke PX?

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@PGJared @pgEcho @PGDave
Please take a look our team is about to loose a key player due to constant atlas issues. He cant build troops an has the horns an gold. This has been happening for weeks Hes been dealing with support for weeks an they keep giving try this try this try that all outta the box responses please look into this an reach out asap to resolve seems to be a corrupt file or some kinda bug on his phone hes Hes done about 20 things support said nothing works
See screen shot an ticket nunber is 1128201

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