Saito with plus 2 ammo

I have 10 skill points left to use but I can’t learn the second plus 1 ammo…

You are going to have to reset your rider to fix it or chat with PG. it looks like you already spent your skill points.


I would recommend checking out the builds on Neon first to avoid mistakes like that that will cost you rubies to fix. You can see the best path options for each rider (except for attack Dmetron for warriors)

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Changing runes, resetting riders skills should be free or cost 50 rubies.
Another dick move of PG


If you had a Classic Saito, Champion Saito has different stats with resetting their skill tree and without.

Ammo & Attack set with resetting skills tree

Ammo & Attack set without skilsl tree

Ammo & HP set with resetting skills tree

Ammo & HP without resetting skills tree

Attack & HP set is the same stats whether reset or not.


no as you can see I have 10 skill points left to use but I can’t use them on the +1 ammo…I’m still waiting for a reply to my ticket

The 2nd ammo skill costs 25 points which you dont have because you spent them on other skills. As Daitengu said you’re going to have to reset him and pick specific skills (which I linked you to earlier) in order to have enough points to get both ammo skills. This is not a glitch, you just didn’t select the right skills.


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