Salvage building feature proposal

So we get to salvage runes and get a certain percentage of rune dust back , how abot getting same feature on buildings most if us have in storage and dont use . We could get 20-30 of all materials used to level up that tower such as lumber packs , timers and/ or shards . It would make us all happy PG and be very helpful


…this has only been suggested a million times for the last 2+ years. They’ve said every time they won’t allow towers to be destroyed/salvaged.

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@Arelyna @PGCrisis

Probably I’d call @TheRedDelilah instead…

What if someone has a million archer towers? Are they just gonna keep them and be able to reach unfathomable heights now that the tower limit has been applied to storage too?

Idk about salvaging and getting some rss back but I’d love to destroy the ton of balistas I made when I first started, even if we don’t get s**t from doing so! Terrible reminder :joy:

We all got sucked into the ballista thing

yeah lol I also want those ballistas destroyed

try to search “salvage tower” to see the answer

I was only half joking when I said a million archer towers, I know it’s at least 28, but they probably reached triple digits before the update.

They could charge it with rubies, and if you destroy a tower you will also lose experience (just a little)…

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

please no


This has been discussed at length and it is fairly clear PG wont do it. Even this post likely wont happen:


I have soooooo many ice and fire turrets level 1. And same with flaks. :joy:

I do very much like the transmutation idea where you can get a certain amount of building exp that can be applied to other buildings. That way you can level current base with the destruction of unused towers without raising your level. Such a simple idea would make a lot of people happy.


This is the only thing I can say.



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