Salvage equipped rider gear

Currently when we have gear equipped and want to destroy or salvage it to make the rider naked, we are forced to unequip the gear first for 50 rubies a piece.

The message reads: “Please unequip the gear before salvage.”

Can this be changed so we can salvage it right away while it’s equipped?

Should be an easy fix.


It doesn’t let you salvage while equipped? I thought it did, based on what I’ve read in other posts on the forums. Then again, what do I know? Atlas isn’t coming to a theater near me anytime soon.


I experienced it myself, the message I posted is exactly what you will read in the game.
When I have time I can add screenshots but I rather have you link the threads claiming otherwise to prove me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

If you put the new piece on, it will tell you the piece already on will be salvaged.

No, it will de destroyed. And please read carefully, I was asking to salvage a piece without equipping a new one.


salvaging is destroying unless you want the 40 some odd shards

What’s your point? Neither of those options are available when you have a piece equipped.

If you put a gear piece on top of another piece destroying is an option.

Also, since this is somewhat related, can we make it so we can salvage multiple pieces of gear at once? We can salvage multiple runes at the same time, but with rider gear we need to do them all individually. This is a pain in the ass.


It’s been ages since I read those threads so I’m not sure if I remember how to find them :joy::joy:

Maybe just read my OP again. The goal is to make the rider naked in order to swap it onto another dragon.


I don’t know how many people actually put gear on a rider they are willing to just salvage to get the rider naked because of the unequip for 50 rubies and how crappy let’s say common gear is. Just curious, what type of gear is it? I hope you find your answer! :blush:

Useless common gear / nerfed season gear that isn’t worth spending rubies on to free the rider :neutral_face:

I ran into this as well trying to swap riders between dragons of different elements wind(noc) dark(fomhar). Had a common shield on noc that I didn’t want to waste 50 rubies unequpping. Just changing out the gear won’t work. If I change the gear out for a higher rarity I’d still have to unequip the higher rarity. You can’t equip the rider on a dark dragon with wind gear. You also cannot equip gear to a naked rider either. So the only way is to unequip with rubies.

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ugh that is the worse. Kayla is my naked rider. I know you have probably already thought about it but are you keeping the rider on this drag for awhile or just to level? Can we unequip a rider without putting it on another dragon? :thinking:

People put common/rare gear on a rider for missions because you need a minimum combat level of 1000 to send them out, aka you need gear on it unless it’s leveled up.

I also concur with MareZ, I’d like the ability to both salvage direct off a rider to make them naked again for no cost

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I want this as well. It’s nonsense to pay rubies to get dragon naked. It could work in the way that gear you chose to unequip will be as it is now and if you put rider on dragon with a different element it would destroy everything that is on him for free :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Count me in for wanting to be able to salvage gear without having to unequip it.

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I think the cost to unequip is a pure moneygrab, i see no reason why you shouldnt be able to switch out gear as needed without cost.

Kind of like rubies for speeding gear crafting…

Because you know, the $6000 needed for a single set wasn’t enough…


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