Salvage of unwanted tower builds in storage


Long time player first time comments…
I’m sure I’m not the only one but when i was a young dragon lord i mistakenly built way too many towers way to high alot of wasted lumber and timers…

Firstly i do understand that it was my mistake by building excess amount of towers that now sit in storage not needed nor will ever be used…

I put to fellow dragon lords the idea of salvaging said useless towers in exchange for speedup timers and or a deduction in xp gain.

Example a level 20 cannon tower to be salvaged for 1 12hr speed up timer and or a reduction in player level of 1.5 making it a sacrifice that one would be set on.

Im sure the making of this options would cause more issues than its worth but after trialing the salvage option in the forgery (which by the way was great! Picking and choosing more desirable spells making use of not so wanted spells (cure poison)!! I felt like i was more in control than having spells given no matter the want nor need of said spell…

I know within my team DoMiN8tOrS of which i lead i am not the only one with a storage full of dust collecting Towers or more unfortunately XP that gets zero use and upsets me to a point of bringing this to those that read my topic hoping i am not alone and in fact is on to a win win way of resolving this error made by a young but eager dragon lord.

Tapping swiping draging my way to be a better Dragon Lord One base at a time!


Recycling unwanted Towers

This topic, although not your particular solution, has been brought up before. The opinion from the vocal majority was to live with your mistake.

I would be interested in seeing some way to salvage old towers, but it really shouldn’t be a priority. Maybe if there is an intern at PG who needs a project…


First off, this has been discussed plenty.

No deduct in XP so that you lose levels. Please no. If anything, just make it a deficit that you have to make up before keeping leveling. But there has to be so so so many restrictions on it to prevent bad shit from happening.

I also think this is completely exploitable for those wanting to earn points for events but not level themselves up. Delete half their towers, then just build new ones. It is also completely exploitable for someone to entirely change their base around. Say you made a mistake and built up a fire turret and now find they are junk, you would be able to just able to switch it for an ice turret?

But again my firm opinion is a no please.

Old buildings in storge

Personally i would be happy to have them removed from storage the daily reminder is enough for myself to warn other of making the same mistake even with the balance of spells and towers i never ever want a ballista on my base sad, sad reminder of a young fool who has learnt from his mistake :blush::sunglasses::facepunch:


I would say if this happens to limit it to rss salvage only @ 50% of what you spent to get there up to your storage cap.


Oooh idea maybe a countdown to deleting unwanted towers ie 7days enabling any towers being ugraded that way it impacts the player making the choice to remove the tower… cheers for replying different views on the matter makes me feel better lol


Did you test out my base earlier today by chance?


Doubt it, I haven’t hit anybody today at all been busy at work


I don’t want anything, no timers, no RSS, NOTHING, but the option to delete them would be great… they haunt my dreams.


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