Salvage shop and atlas, when?

I remember reading about the salvage shop and later atlas. We are a plat 3 team. Any eta on when this is available to the public?


Salvage shop: don’t know.

The fastest way you’ll get Atlas is to move up to Sapphire 2 or 3. If that’s not an option, you can expect a lengthy wait.

Salvage shop doesn’t exist anymore.

Oh. Don’t mind me then.

salvage shop iirc has been deleted from the game.

Yes, it was removed.


But as the person working on the security for the app, I’ve found that people are using the salvage shop as a cheat vector. I would personally be against releasing it more broadly until it can get a serious security audit & code overhaul.

Atlas: Just keep an eye on #atlas ; they’re announced other waves through threads there.

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