Salvaging My Season

So as we end the season, a disappointing one for me, I’m thinking of the best way to get the most out of it. I’m currently up to Garnett stone for Gargula (ouch I know) and as far on Grogg as the equivalent of the platinum stone (progression up the line wise).

I currently have 11,140 sigils. For 11,460 sigils, which I’ll have after team event rewards come out, I can get Grogg to the equivalent of Emerald tier, so all of his gear/stones except the final weapon/stones rewards.


I could get Necryx from 0 as far as Platinum stone. I’m lvl 75, only pay for elite no other spending, and feel like Platinum could last me quite some time (hatching my first Gold legendary in a couple days).

Or finish Gargula and use the rest of the Sigils for bonus items (it’ll be forever til I’m even using him in Garnet if I’m using him at all by that point so this doesn’t appeal to me).

I certainly see the long term value in going the Grogg route, but on the other hand with how slowly I lvl due to lack of spending and my current low lvl that I could still get a lot out of Necryx. It would also nice to be able to practice using a hunter of Necryx’s style.

I just wonder if anyone has any input or any strong reason to do/not do one of these things. I know it’s tough to give/get feedback to/from someone so far off of one’s own lvl, but I’m hoping to at least take something away from the season that Im happy about. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this!

Cheeky I feel for ya!

If I was you, I would finish Grogg if I can. Reason being - my alt had a similar decision to make last season, where I went Drakius, then realised I liked Borg so much more. So I ended up ploughing the rest of my tokens to get Borg up to Plat. My alt was maybe level 70s at that time. One season later, my alt is just about to breed Plat legendaries. So, Borg will last me maybe another season max. So that’s 2 seasons (I only got Borg at the end of last season). I’m not a spender (ok I spend a little bit, maybe one big pack per season/2 seasons), so you should be able to level up at a similar rate.

If you try to max Grogg, that can last you forever as you can move him around onto different dragons. A maxed Grogg is like having a permanent attack and defence boost on your dragon, and this doesn’t yet include the other benefits he will have such as Dragon XP boost, resist boosts and totem debuff (depending on your Grogg research).

I’d also encourage you to buy some super sigils so you can get Grogg from Emerald to max. It will be worth it.

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Does me having only 4.2k rubies change your opinion at all? I spent them on 30 sigil chests earlier today with the intention of going for Necryx to platinum, then figured I’d make sure I’m making the best decision I can first.

So you will need 2830 more sigils for max Grogg. That’s probably 30 super sigil chests…

Getting Necryx from Plat to Sapphire is an additional 5610 sigils so that’s no go.

Look ultimately it is up to what you value more - a long term play with Grogg, or flying a really nice dragon in Necryx. Thinking about it a bit more, Necryx at Platinum will get you level 136 - so will last you more than just one more season. At level 137, Sapphire legendaries will be more powerful so Hau comes into play and you can fly Hau in a similar fashion to Necryx (sans the shield unfortunately which is what makes Necryx the flyer it is imo).

I would go for Grogg as well.

First off I want to say I greatly appreciate you taking the time to help.

As you just said about Necryx (thank you for the specific lvl of 136), this was why I wanted Necryx as his spells/style seems to add longevity to his usefulness. Especially when I hear about how Nec is effective vs. bases so far ahead of the users own level. I’ve been playing for about 5 months and am only at lvl 75 (that’ll go up a little this next fort event, of course, but I’d have to really go all out to reach lvl 84), so it should really be awhile before 136.

And I used my rubies already to get the sigils I have now, so opening 30 more to max Grogg isn’t an option for me.

Np anytime mate :+1:

There will be more season, more divines, to fill out your roster. Honestly, don’t discount main line dragons either (Cons and Whale - YUM). Grogg will help you in the long run a lot more I think. I’d certainly go further on him.

@RedRaidingHood on a side note (sorry to derail the discussion), do other rider types have a dragon rage boost effect? Would be awesome if there was…

They have the same skill tree. The easy obtaining of skills from the line and the armor is what makes Grogg so great

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I appreciate the input. Cons (my first gold legendary) has 3 days left. My main thought with Necryx was that it seems like he’d be useful for pretty much until I get Hau, which I couldn’t even begin to guess is how far away from now. But the rider will last forever, for sure. I’m looking at Necryx from a practical stand point more than just wanting to slap together a last minute divine (at least I’m trying to lol). Thank you again for your input!

Edit: I meant “practical” as in specific to Necryx, not saying going Grogg isn’t practical.

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If you’re running low on inner fire, energy boxes, etc. Gargula’s split branch is something to consider. If you’re going after dragons, I’d really recommend Necryx; Garnet will be a while away, and I’m not a fan of Gargula :joy:.

Having Desiccating Sand alone is already invaluable early on; adding Cloak and Elemental Barrier make it even more useful, especially with so many elemental heavy bases. Its utility is hard to pass up.

The new season will have two new riders for you to pick from, so Grogg won’t be the last non-Atlas rider that you can get. If you do go down the rider route, you’d want to be able to try and max it out, or you’ll be missing buffs and can’t level it after seasons; I don’t recall how much will be missing, though.

If you don’t have Atlas, you’re also locked to Dark dragons due to Grogg’s gear, if you choose to equip it. That’s only Kaiju in Platinum tier, so it’d be between placing it on Gargula and Kaiju. If you’re finding Gargula useful, then Grogg wouldn’t hurt either.


Good points Forsci, as per usual. Listen to this smart lady

Yeah I’m not going the split branch unless there’s something extra I need to spend. I find Gargula to be fun, but not useful if that makes sense. I know people are using Necryx effectively on bases way above their level, so I feel like Necryx at platinum has more longevity than normally would be the case for platinum. Probably wouldn’t hurt to start practicing with a dragon like Necryx either. I greatly appreciate the input!

Yeah I change my stance as well, go for Nec. :joy:

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Does anyone know/remember what level you need to be in order to get a season dragon to Platinum?

I believe 102 is the earliest you can get a plat legendary

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I am more than slightly biased, but I would say Necryx as far as possible. I have a friend who was taking his Gold Necryx up over 200 while he was only around 115 or so. Platinum will allow you to go even higher. I personally normally tackle bases in the 120s with my level 10 Necryx, though he has gone all the way up to 160, and I am far from the best flyer either. He is an absolute dream.

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L114 on Amoeba & must have one plat legendary


Thank you, you’d think with all the time I spend on Amoeba’s site I’d have known where to find that information lol