Salvaging Towers for small amounts of rss

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but early in my playing, I built useless towers & many of them. I even built multiple ballistas :roll_eyes:. Instead of those useless towers just sitting in storage never to be used again (especially the ballistas), think it would be great to add a salvage option. You can salvage runes & can salvage rider gear. Why not be able to salvage useless buildings? Giving the player the option to salvage buildings for minimal amounts of rss would be an easy option, & fairly simple fix to these wasted towers.


This has been suggested many times before and would have plenty of problems if implemented. What of the XP you gained by building those towers? It would have to have a consequence if you salvaged towers. I don’t think it would be a viable, stable feature if implemented, at least in the game’s current state. :t_rex:


Why would you have to take away xp gained? Salvaging those towers does not reverse rss spent or timers spent.

You build up ten level 60 towers. You get to, let’s say, level 350. I don’t know exactly where you’d be. I’m no expert. You salvage them and nothing happens except you get some wood (and maybe some shards/embers whatever). No level drop from all the XP you gained from them? You don’t have those towers anymore—why would you keep the levels you gained by building them?
There’s no negative consequence at all for your salvaging idea? Does that seem right to you? Again, I don’t think this idea would be a balanced thing to implement. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than I can contribute to this discussion so perhaps they can support/refute this idea further. I don’t want to say something that might be misinformation. :t_rex:

I’d rather let the rss gone away with reversed exp, rather than getting double the lost rss, with exp stays the same

@mechengg @Coach
Both base experts then…

There was one time in PG actually had a salvage shop for a couple of players (A/B test I think). I don’t know the mechanic works because I was not included to have the Salvage Shop. It was shot down because for some reason I don’t know too. (Too many things I don’t know :man_shrugging:)

If you choose to salvage level 60 towers that’s your choice. You shouldn’t lose xp from salvaging, because you still built those towers with rss & timers, etc. Why would you need to take xp away because you salvage?

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To your point of no negative aspect. Why do you need a negative aspect? If you take the time and rss to build level 60 towers youre more than likely keeping those on your base.

Lol I was just using an example, albeit one that might not be so great. Coach is replying right now, so I’ll hand this over to him. :t_rex:

I like the idea especially because in his idea you do not lose EXP. Everybody would be able to have the leanest possible bases without any consequences if you would get back your EXP.

I do like the idea of being able to salvage the old towers.

Also, I’d suggest option to salvage level by level, not the whole building as a whole (there can be an option for that as well), and getting the percentage of resources for each level that you’ve salvaged.

Salvaging Fire Turret would give you % of fire shards every other level.
Salvaging Ice Turret would give you % of ice shards every other level.

Etc. etc. etc.

Only reason I like this idea is due to the fact that you do not lose your level by salvaging towers; you’re still stuck with the mistakes you’ve made. You’re just able to get something out of it at least (extra rss).


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My biggest concern about salvaging towers is that it can’t be undone.

You cant undo salvaged runes either.

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Why would you salvage if you’d want it back? There would be no need to slavage.

If i can get only the timers back , without rss , and loose the exact XP for that towers , i would like it and use it .

Because the game was capped often until new buildings came out and there was people who maxed in older times there bases and has a huge difference in strength against someone with a half short base and new weapons .

Afterall turrets and flaks changed a lot .
It would help to reorganize bases , specially for those who missed greatly .

Well there could be a limit for every player like 25 towers , to not disturb the game for long .

I guess many people would wrak there 20 level lower weapons even if that mean 2-3 level , to just optimize there state .

As i said , with limits and just the timers at current buildingtime buff . Without RSS refound , so people need to pay there shards again .
Isnt a easy task at all , but would improve misbuild bases at all .
Or even just for a short timeline per player , as i said to not misuse the situation .

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I don’t… But I see the forums flooded with topics like

“I accidentally salvaged a lv 36 dark flak”
“PG sucks, where are my shards?”
“I salvaged the wrong tower, can I get a refund?”

and so on… Probably it has happened to some people with runes, but I suspect the case would worsen with towers.

In other words: I’m worried about others.

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I think the negative impact in that scenario would that that you are getting rid of a hefty chunk of your defense which would take further time and resources to replace.

I like the idea of being able to salvage them, even if it means just getting a lower amount of resources back- I hate clutter :see_no_evil::joy:

Id much rather have the ability to re-purpose a tower over being able to salvage one. Let me convert a dark flak into a fire flak for the cost of ‘x’. Would be even better if i could convert a cannon into an ice flak for the cost of ‘x’ + backpay of elemental embers… Stop punishing me for being a long time player who has higher level towers no one wants anymore…

But this has been suggested elsewhere with no response from PG…


While I fancy your idea above all… Do you think that this game could handle such? If you know what I mean… :wink:

  • What if someone was able to hack your account and salvage all of the towers that you worked so hard to build?
  • What if a vengeful teammate who may or may not happen to have accidentally obtained your log in information felt spiteful one day?
  • What if your son or daughter was playing (supervised of course to thwart TOS issues) but you glanced away for a second and they accidentally salvaged your L63 flak? Even with that “are you sure” button.

That’s the reason i’m still in disagreement with this. Not only does storage gets them off your base and hidden from view/use, but it also provides a failsafe for people deleting towers by “accident” or actual accident and having to get PG involved in reversing specifics on accounts.

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lets go back to the re purposing idea then :slight_smile: