Samhrad needs a white spell

To whom may concern
Samhrad has amazing spells but the lack of a white spell makes it greatly vulnerable in live bases, this lacking makes it a follow dragon where it can be a solo cleaner, I humbly suggest to change “solar strike” to white, that would make this dragon one of the best dragons ever have made.
Please consider my suggestion
Thank you

My opinion is i understand your concern but not every dragon is made with purpose of solo dragon.
As you said, it fits the role of follow dragon perfectly and this alone makes it pretty worthy.


I think change the solar strike to mystic wind would give it an edge in solo.
Anyway, it is made for clean up purpose. There is other dragon can do solo instead of this sorcerer

Blue or white mystic wind? white umbral spike would be lovely :smirk:. Anyway Sam was clearly not intended to have white spells

Sam is meant to be a follow Dragon, not a solo dragon.


and Aibrean need white Flash -_-
Lady, Samhrad is a great follower,not a lead :wink: Kill/sand/block the Red Mage and most of the time she will purify 5 towers with her Purification…
from the Gospel 2nd Mark : and the purification will fall on those who will not have Red Mage. Amen

EDIT. Anyway, equip she with her x3 Purification Runes and x2 Rage Runes :wink:


Samhrad has a very specific purpose, to follow a hunter dragon that has removed all of the mages from the base. It’s unfortunate that some people simply want all dragons to be a solo style dragon, these niche dragons are most of the time fantastic. I am hating that everyone simply wants white spells :neutral_face:

He also pair perfectly with the hunter this season too, who can leave towers trapped and pass over and they will be live again for Sam to follow. Perfect combo of them together


Yes, it has a very specific purpose now, but if they gave us all white spells, it would have so much more utility. Even having to look if there are red or blue mages before casting is so hard :frowning: Bow to the will of the people and make all spells white.


If you are willing to refund everyone their sigils for making a choice without know the real options which is why changing the spells mid season is such a large problem I don’t mind.

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If they did that, they’d come out with white mage towers to block those spells :joy:


A question to those who get it.
Is Solar Strike worth? I mean is it similar Galvanic, or Umbral Strike?

Mystic wind is alway white, why would 2 warriors get white mystic wind and sorcerer get a blue one

or instead of white spell 100% health take out, they can do white spell 70% health take out?

The problem with Sam, as I’ve said before, is not that she can’t lead. It’s that she can’t even finish. Because of the long cool down on solar strike, she can’t take down farms. That makes her useless as a finisher.
Given that she’s a sorcerer and can’t hold her own as a lead, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to remove the cool down from solar strike so she can be a decent finisher.

“Destroy target tower” for 0 rage and a cool down.

Have you flown her or seen her flown with SP taking out farms? Removing the cool down would be absolutely OP in the worst of ways - a 0 rage instant death spell that you can cast over and over

Thanks Red. If it’s destroy target tower regardless of target’s level, it’s worth I think… (though I’d prefer 4 sec instead of 6 sec…)
Hopefully I can get it by the end of season…

Then change it to umbral spike :woman_shrugging:

Considering it’s 0 rage instant death entirely, I think it’s more than fair.

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Then use a dragon that has umbral spike, or, don’t get Samhrad