Samhrad needs a white spell


That doesn’t address the issue of making Samhrad useful (which is the question at hand), but thanks for the advice. :wink:


You’re the one saying she’s not useful, I’m saying she IS as she currently stands. Have you seen a real player fly her? I think our perspectives are different because I’ve flown her a lot.


Yes! That is what we need. Every dragon to not only be able to solo but also be easy! Excellent logic. You know what we should do…just get rid of bases and just have every make their dream dragon that obliterates every base by looking at it :smiley:


Just realized (after reading that someone mentioned Renard). -edit- Thanks to @LizDrakemoor
If Solar Strike is changed to Umbral Strike, won’t Samhrad becomes Renard++ ?

The way you mentioned her is like saying that it will be hard to effectively using her… Poor Sam


Now I want white SP :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Another iWin button


No, you’re wrong. It’s nor “destroy “. It’s “ heavily damage”.
Solar strike is Galvanic Overload with 0 rage and LONGER cool down.


Here is the part I find funny, this game has always had white spells and the game was completely dependent on them. It could not possibly be the skill cap has been drastically reduced because everyone wants to just throw a white spell on something rather than improve…no no, before they had white spells there was no balance and the game actually did not function. Thankfully we have all the historians to make sure we don’t stray from the path of life without white spells.


Okay I’ll be a little more clear, in my experience Sam’s Solar Strike 1 shots towers at the high level.


I need the new BMW. It doesn’t mean I’m getting one. I would fly better, probably solo a lot. But if everybody had one it wouldn’t be as fun.


I think that Sam should be a glorious orange and blue blaze that can dessimate the strongest towers with a quick swipe. Leaving nothing but dust on the base for the remainder of the day.
And provide more presents upon destruction of monuments.
And words of wisdom for upcoming updates yet to be announced or discovered.
Plus a full refund of sigils in the next season currency.



Solar strike is worse than Galvanic Overload for clearing farms. SS has a long cool down cannot be mitigated. GO has the second cast that can shorten cool down and generate rage. Moreover, dragons low on HP can just spam GO!

SS is just not better than GO.


If you missed what I said above, I actually suggest Summoners Purification for farms, not Solar Strike. Additionally, GO is a hunter spell and SS is a sorcerer spell for free. The way they (GO and SS) are used in kits is 100% different.

Lastly, SS can one shot max levels. GO cannot.


How committed are you to the “look at bases” part of this? Because I was hoping for an autopilot feature to cast my white AOE death spell so I don’t even have to glance away from Netflix.


To be fair, towers were a lot more balanced before the white spells were released.


I don’t have numbers for either SS or GO, but an expert Ferga can one shot MAX tower with GO too.

SS is just another marketing gimmick from PG. it’s no better than GO, and it’s 0 rage cost does not justify its long cool down.

Give Sam 1 rage white spike, or 0 rage spike, or SS with reduced cool down.


Fohmar needs a white time shift, white death gaze, and a white auto-pilot mode too, por favor.

Edit: just saw spooky mention auto-pilot already, damn :joy:


Ever think they maybe what they did was for…balance? Not to make the best dragon ever?

EDIT: also, my expert Ferga doesn’t one shot a level 60 tower. Max farm yes, but even just running Andy, a basic level 60 tower with no boosts had a bit of health left.


This was a fun read, my rage has been expressed perfectly by the words of others


Do Arelyna and Crisis count as real players? :thinking: :joy:
I’ve seen her flown several times on the streams. I’m not going to make my argument again because I’m beating a dead horse at this point and obviously I’m in the minority. Either that or people just really don’t care if she’s useful or not because she’s a sorc. lol! :slight_smile:
I’ll be getting her either way because I’m going to try to get Terris (without his armor) if I can make it that far. That’s why I have been arguing so hard. lol
So I guess I will see for myself eventually.


I’ll reserve my comment and simply say I’ve flown Sam a LOT. She does exceptionally well as a follow, and if you’re going for Terri’s that means you’ll have both an amazing lead (Fomhar) and a great cleanup (Sam). There are multiple ways to fly both dragons, and some players can fly them better than others. :grimacing: