Samhrad needs a white spell




You realize that Spooky was using pure sarcasm and is in fact the leader of a D1 team :joy:


Maybe @hellraptor’s sarcasm detection meter is broken :laughing: (mine breaks frequently when I try to read the forums…)


@TheRedDelilah Oh, yikes. I’m having one of those days :joy: @Spooky my bad bro lol :t_rex:


It’s my opinion that this thread needs a white spell called delete :nerd_face: there’s a growing number of players who can’t seem to understand the concept of balance, and think a white spell is the only way to be good


This :point_up_2: White spells just seem to minimize the need for strategy, and an easy dragon to fly just gets boring after a while (at least IMO).


I’m honestly not sure why she needs a white spell. Sure it wouldn’t hurt her but it wouldn’t be balanced. A spell that removes a tower or two per island with no cost and no mages can stop it? That screams unbalanced.

Honestly she does an awesome job at following. She doesn’t NEED to lead. Just like necryx is a good lead, not a good follow. They don’t need to do it all.

This game doesn’t need more simplification. Giving every dragon the ability to do everything solo really removes all potential planning or strategy. That’s no fun


They are not the best flyers going, no offence to either of them but they are both fairly new to the game. If you have seen a player who is extremely sccustomed to the game fly Samhraidh then you would see her power.


White detonate.


Belly Flop?


Too weak. :face_vomiting:


Maybe we can add triple flip belly flop?

Back to topic:
If TC has problem with Samhard , perhaps we can bug someone skilled to post a video of her flying through defended base…
@TheRedDelilah , perhaps someone from your team…


I doubt he can lead,

Say perhaps the good lead set up the base pretty weell… then it means the base is as good as an invader base , like me Jul-ing an invader base . So he is plain as a good clean up, As long as its a 1 hit kill. Thats about it.


I think we have had 54.5 of the 55 posts in this thread all say that :grin:


Do I have the same Dragon that everyone is talking about?
Samhrad? Is that right? :joy: Because my SS is far from a one shot kill.
At gold 2 shots will not kill a lvl 39 farm, umbral will,SS will not :man_shrugging:


Video please… Or screenshot against Evas


and that is officially announced exactly where?

I wonder how people come up with the idea of what is “intended” or “meant”?

fact is - this dragon standing for itself given current base designs and existing towers is worth nothing.
correction: it is going to be awesom on Invader. Maybe that´s what it was intended to be?


And officially when is it announced that it is solo or lead dragon.
It is for players to figure out purpose using given spell set, not modify spell set according to players wishes.
Intended or meant are not things designed by purpose.
If so, when necryx was released why didn’t people ramble about it being too powerful with two white spells ?


I’ll give you a free pass since you have only 1 day read time. There is a game play faction made up of existing players. They play tested both Sam and Fom and helped shape the design. Red is on the faction. Hence she knows.

Ok carry on.


I am not a good sorcerer flier. With the farms/mills together, especially when they supershot each other I couldn’t do it. But I could get a level 10 unboosted, no extra spells Samhrad to the seagazer perch on Ragingmidget. I can get a boosted Samhrad with invincibilty shield as an extra spell to the end, yeah I left part of an ice turret behind, a better flier I’m sure could do better or maybe I need to use a different consumable. I can upload my crappy flying to youtube and share? :woman_shrugging:

Edit: this was in regard to level 39 farm/mills. Considering those are platinum tier farms/mills I’m positive when my Samhrad levels he’ll do just fine. He’s level 11 now and I’ll fly him later again.