Samhrad needs a white spell


So yep.


Too lazy to scrooll up. :honeybee:


In reply to those who said that I want something boring and simple.
First of all you don’t have to be so rude, I just shared my opinion
Second, then why do you guys choose dragons with white spells? By all means be so expert and skip all drags with white spells
Third, maybe you should ask pg to change all white spells into blue/red!!!

Sorcerers get so weaker than hunters and warriors due to their slow firing, that’s why i suggested a white spell, a hunter with no whites can really make it but it’s different for a sorcerer, sorcerers really rely on their spells


We aren’t trying to be rude to you. But this dragon has a very specific role that it does very well. A white spell wouldn’t affect its specific role in the slightest BUT it would cause balance issues. Giving any dragon a rageless instant death spell that is also white would make it very difficult to balance and would probably mean damage elsewhere needs to be taken away.

This dragon excels at what it does. It can’t do everything and that’s fine. Why not let it stay this very strong specialist rather than trying to make it better as an all rounder by taking away from it’s identity as a follow dragon.

We have enough lead dragons these days and honestly I like the fact that this seasons sorcerer has a very distinct role and identity. One that it seems to live up to very well.

Again this is just my view here.


Well, as a lot of people have also mentioned in this thread…Samhrad’s meant to be a follow.

To fly him at his full potential, you’d need to take out the mages that block his spells. If you can’t take the mages out for Samhrad to rekt the base, Samhrad will not rekt the base.

Giving him a white spell in my opinion would be giving him a bypass on having a good lead set a base up for him to finish, and diminishes the need for skillful flying on the part of the lead- I mean, if I accidentally miss a mage while prepping a base for Samhrad, it’s no biggie, Samhrad’s spell will take effect anyway.

Also, changing red or blue spells to white seems to have the unfortunate effect of nerfing them beyond being useful at all, so there’s that. Samhrad’s purification spell, according to some experienced flyers in this thread…can take out most farms at equivalent levels. Losing that would lose him his potential as a follow.

As they say, jack of all trades, master of none- Samhrad’s a master follow and if you want him to be a lead as well, that quality will probably suffer for the sake of balance. Set the base up better and then your Samhrad will do well :smiley:


I will leave it at this.
The reason I thought I would give this Dragon a chance was, I read that I should think of Solar Strike as " a version of death gaze or umbral strike "
It’s not a discount Dragon it’s a very expensive main line Dragon.
I really expected it to be a LOT better. My mini also has Nydryr at gold
( Nydryr is a tricky Dragon to fly ) but either as a Lead or follow Nydryr is leaps and bounds Better than Sam,as far as it being a " clean up " dragon every gold in my mini’s lineup ( including warriors like Drak ) is as good or in most cases, a better clean up dragon… it’s not that it’s a hard Dragon to fly, it really is simple and straight forward . And it’s destiny is my new perch Dragon…:joy:


why do people keep assuming the discount dragons should in some way be inferior? When talking about Aibrean’s lack of healing early on people kept bringing up the fact that it was a discount dragon as though that matters in some way.

IMO all dragons should be well balanced regardless of weather or not it is a Season (discount or not) or a main line dragon… Yes i know i just opened a can of worms as most main line dragons are total garbage, but that’s a separate issue.


Here’s the important bit right here (empahsis added) :blush: Unfortunately not all dragons are as they “should” be.


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