Samhrad or Fomhar or Oksana?

Hey, I’m trying to figure out my next prize for the current sigil. Do I fo for Fomhar, Samhrad or Oksana?

Oksana will be useful longer…
(Assuming you can get at least all 1st page

If I can get completely through prize, though… right?

Rider can use different gear, even gear from Atlas.
That said, the first page is irreplacable

I have 3505 which will get me to prize 21

Next 2 events, there will be super sigil chest, which helps getting sigils.
If you can use your current dragon, I’d suggest to claim the rider first. Get a dragon next season…
Alternatively, try claiming one which get the most gold chests, and save them for next season

Riders are limited and have a much longer term of use but don’t waste your sigils on anything past the first page as PG have nerfed the crap out of none atlas armour and made it practically worthless compared to atlas gear.

Summary - get the rider ignore the armour


And I don’t really have a dragon to place her on with the same element, I have all stones for Chimerak, but i can onlygo asfar as Garnet right now

Rider has no element. If you equip gear on rider then the element comes into play.
So, if you get first page of rider you can equip her on any dragon.


Oh, it shows she is a dark element, that’s why I thought she would be best with a dark dragon of the same.

At this point I’d get Oksana. Go for the first page to max oksana and don’t bother with her gear.

If you spent that on fomhar you will only get the gold stone which is about level 100 before he will be useless. Oksana will be able to be maxed and used forever.


Garnet Chimmy is much better than gold Fomhar :grin:

Well, Oksana has no element, but her gear does. As mentioned before, you can apply all kinds of gear on riders, which has to match the dragon’s element.

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I’d bet a gold Fomhar is better than a garnet Nydryr…

i got the breeding boost, first page of oksana, and now im working through fomhar. If i were you, i’d always go for the rider. the boost is good if youre having trouble with breeding (like me). then, id go for a dragon. i prefer fomhar over samhrad just because im trying to work on being better at hunters.


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Thanks, I have Harbinger Stone for Corthanak. Only have one Garnet Dragon, so can only upgrade a portion of Garnet tier. Expert Kayla on Aibresn is really nice. I Was looking for ideas for next prize in the 14 Days

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No, it isnt. You should leave Kayla naked so she can ride multiple dragon and train them.

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Did a quick search but looking for an opinion. I read that Samhrad is a good cleanup after reds have been sanded / taken out.

I have just claimed the two sets of gold chests right before the obsidian stone. I am out of sigils and wondering if I should use hoarded gold chests, saved rubies to come up with the 1,400 sigils I would need to get to obsidian or if I should just save for the next season or beyond.

I have harbinger for Fomhar, and Airbrean, got all of oksana page 1 and token boost. I proably don’t NEED Samhrad beyond emerald but just wondering.

I will be finishing Storm this week so Obsidian is technically around the corner (before too long).


You’re right where I am, both on sam and on breeding. I’m not getting her obs stone bc I have spindra, aib or ferga to clean right now. I just don’t see sam being an active part of my roster, and I rather go into the new season on full steam so I can save for fall mythic hunter :man_shrugging:t3:

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