Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Consulta, alguien juega WD en el Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3???

  • RAM: 12GB
  • Memoria: 256GB

Estoy tentado en actualizar mi celular, y me gustaría saber si el juego corre bien acá. Sino para ir por una buena tablet o Ipad.

el juego funcionará bien en este dispositivo. si quieres una pantalla más grande, una tableta está bien, pero si necesitas un teléfono nuevo, usa el zfold

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R u sure tho :sweat_smile: it’s not really about the memory or the ram it could have all sorts of issues with webview and UI …

Lo que me da duda, es que al tener doble pantalla (por lo plegable) se tenga dificultades en la jugabilidad.

Yes potentially… you could try go to Samsung store and try and install the game on the showroom device. That way you can see how the app is running…

I just bought the phone today. So far it runs the game much better than my note 9 (which handled the game good). The only thing I noticed with the huge double screen is some screens have some spacing changes that makes things look a little “smooshed” but nothing that causes any issues with reading or clicking on stuff. I can get some screenshots if you would like.

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Eso sería de gran ayuda, se agradecería una imagen para referencia.

Here are several different views. Hope it helps

Excelentes imágenes, pero se siente recortado, aunque por lo que veo no afecta la jugabilidad.


Yes it reminds me of the old tube televisions that had to adjust the aspect ratio for movies filmed for wide screens. The attack menu picture shows how things can have a little overlap. Overall I don’t find the views to be bad enough that I can’t enjoy playing the game. The performance is the best I have ever seen for Android phones for gaming over the years I have used them.