Samsung S20 Gameplay Issues

I recently upgraded to a Samsung S20 its been awesome for all of my games, except war dragons.

The main issue for me is in the 3D engine when I attack NPCs or players.

It seems every 4th or 5th attack the game just lags out.

While it feels like lag I think its more a fps issue. Maybe the graphics card and or driver on the phone are not compatable with WD.

Its like I drop down to 4 or 5 fps. And its like every dragon on my roster becomes a Hau2 as my dragon teleports back to the last island on every turn. Sometimes 2 or 3 times.

The graphics also run quite choppy with only parts of the screen updating.

Strangely my next attack is always perfect and fast.

Happy to record if needed.

I tried reducing graphics to medium but that seems to just crash the game while in atlas constantly.

Hopefully someone else with an S20 has some tips!

@FisheyEQ mentioned in another thread that they have the same phone and it’s not a phone issue.