Samsung S9+ unplayable

The game is completely unplayable on Samsung S9+
I moved up from iPhone 7 which I have never had any issues with.
I created a video but the forum does not allow video files.
Atlas will not pan or zoom. Attacks are very laggy. The game itself loads very fast. The obvious sign that there is a huge delay is when I open my dragon roster and each dragon appears one by one or when I look at a base to attack and each building loads one by one.
I have tried reducing my resolution and put Samsung in high performance mode, but it is exactly the same.
I was advised to do quite a few things by PG but they were all related to wifi and there are no issues with my wifi or my Samsung on any other games etc.
I don’t know much about phone hardware/software but it is obviously something to do with the comparability of the game on a Samsung S9+

Anybody else having an issue or got any suggestions?

The Android port is terrible for some reason. I got a iPad because it sucked so bad on my Android tablet.

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