Samsung Tab A issue? Most buildings and towers not responding



This morning I switched my acct from a Samsung phone to a Samsung Tab A tablet. On the new tablet more than half of the buildings and defense towers dont respond when clicked.

I’m running the latest War Dragon version, have 8 gig free on the SD card and have a fast Wi-Fi. Any ideas? I really want to use the bigger tablet but it’s not playable as is.

Samsung galaxy... need operating specs for war dragon

check your keyboard or anything outside War Dragons to see if the area that didn’t register any of your tap is being registered.

another possibility is that your other finger or palm (depends on how you tap the screen) are being registered together with the finger that you use to tap.


I play on a Samsung Tab A6 and experience the same issue with another game on a smaller scale.
Especially right after I wipe my screen clean. Advice: don’t clean it too often.


On the ones being stubborn they seem to open with a double click after clearing cache. Strange but at least I can play.


Reported as potential hardware incompatibility (61286)


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