Samsung Z Fold or Flip

Has anyone played WD on either of these phones? I see an old post from Nov 21 and one person had the fold and was able to play it. I found the fold to bulky when folded up though so was considering the flip.

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Im about to get a fold, will keep my note 8 to play on incase the fold doesnt work

Thank you for replying :blush:

Ive had the z fold for a while now and it plays the game as good as it can on android. You still have slow loading menus and other slow downs android gets compared to iOS. Overall i am happy with how the game plays on it and love the big screen when opened up fully.

So you can play on the full screen when it’s opened up?

I don’t suppose you can get a pic with another device?

Yes i play on the big screen opened up.


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