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Yo yo yo, I was made me update this a little bit so:

Despite being pirates we regularly take castles every week. We have taken safe T4s/T5s, and a ton of shallower castles recently.

If you’re not into conquests but still want glory, don’t worry-we got you covered. We try to do several raids a day, paradrops, guard waves on T2s and T3s, as well as T4s+, and snipe waves to fill your glory needs, on top of TA raids. We’ve been top 50 in kills for the last half a year+, and it’s not cause we rely on swaps. We regularly end up in the top 5-10 in monthly kills.

We have anywhere from 20-50 castles, which includes a large range of T2s-T6s. As we said, we are constantly taking and upgrading our castles.

We have hit 8/8 consistently for almost an entire year, and regularly hit the 10/10 team chest. We often place 1st in events, but even when we don’t we try to be competitive in them.
Wanna be a Slinger? This is the stuff we are looking for:

:small_red_triangle:Minimum Level: 600+ (Smaller players can and will be accepted from time to time), you need a good base, good dragons, and you need to know how this game works. Otherwise you will fall behind quickly and it won’t be fun.
:small_red_triangle:Communication + Willingness to participate in as many team activities possible. This is a team game; we need team players! Avoid sniping when we are raiding or being hit, and especially don’t go swapping during these. Show up for supercharge races, mega waves, PvP islands, etc. as well because we tend to organize those as well.
:small_red_triangle:Atlas Active: Join our raids, defend, attack - burn bases, drop dragons, have a hella fun time with your slingin’ teamies.
:small_red_triangle:Atlas Kill Min: Maintain 1M+ monthlies with minimal reliance on swaps (raid, snipe, counter the people we piss off, rinse and repeat). It’s easy to get 2-3M monthlies on this team, 1M is just the minimum.
:small_red_triangle:Troop Mins: Currently nothing too high if you maintain a high troop kill and show high team participation. We will look at you favorably if you have 1M+ troops, but we rather have active killers not builders. Just make sure to keep enough to defend, and enough to go raiding or sniping with us.
:small_red_triangle:5/5 Quests, 8/8 events, and show up when we are pushing for a temple, cave, island, or whatever else. We do this regularly so we need people to show up regularly.
:small_red_triangle:Have Line app, it’s hard to communicate without it. If you don’t it can be worked around but it’s not preferred, also keep @ notifs on so you can stay involved.

Want a shot to show you got what it takes?

Message Rururuntsfam, and/or MarshGlob for an in-game interview. Any of the officers can respond to you so don’t feel obligated to only message us 2

We also have Line, and team line chats. You can reach MarshGlob by contacting marshalglobbicus, or RuRu by contacting RuRuRuntsfam (creative ID I know).



Are you guys hitting 8/8 yet?

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Was our way of referencing not yet. More than half of our team has 8/8, the other half is alts lol.


We’re currently at 33/40 and on pace for 35/40 for 8/8. We have a couple players joining that will hit both putting us very close. As Ruru said, we’re a newly constructed team and have some alts to replace.


I know a few of your leaders from Vikingdk they helped build my base when I was in their baby team WaP


Talk rage into coming so sand slingers have marsh help you talk him into it lol

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Annaxas is happy where he is, we are happy where with where he is


Congratulations on opening your new recruitment thread! :partying_face: :tada: :balloon: :confetti_ball: :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

Join SS and sand all who tresspass! :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

I don’t know why, but a gif of Eevee sanding their own trainer is hilarious


@RuRuRuntsfam may wanna remove this ?


The event is coming to an end come join the high priest marsh and the skinbag before the next event starts.


Update: back up to top 100 in kills.
Conquered a castle
Kick ass as we do
And we are still faster than @ValkyrhristTRT with updates


Blast enemies with a barrage of ground attacks. Hit em with lots of sharp debris…ruthlessly :mountain::mountain::mountain: or with style :gem::gem::gem:

Those are Rockruff’s evolutions by the way. Rockruff can evolve into either Midday, Dusk or Midnight Lycanroc. They are found in the Sword&Shield generation @MarshGlob :slightly_smiling_face::point_right:t2::point_left:t2::orange_heart:

Edit: That’s to be expected…I kinda have a few teams to update :sweat_smile: Looking for nice gifs takes time too :pleading_face: I’m working as fast as I can :joy: @RuRuRuntsfam @RuRuRuntsfam @RuRuRuntsfam :kissing::musical_note:


Best believe I saw you typing and ran to give a quick update. It was rushed but I feel it gets the point across lol


Team is hella fun just saying always doing something in atlas

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Lol :joy: It sure does. Krelos-ing forum threads is now a thing?

Do you have an alt In our team? Currently debating who’s Krelos is faster lol

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No, I don’t…not yet anyway :joy: I can’t handle an alt though. Got it to level 50 and left. Too much work.

On topic: Guys, this is a really fantastic team! They score really high team prizes and are working their way to 8/8 and 5/5. If you’re working to get a mythic, this is the team to join. 100% would go there if I didn’t already have a team :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No, this isn’t invitation to disband my team Ruru :joy:


I disagree it sounds like a perfect invitation


So we are back to 33/40 for 8/8 so far. 1 or 2 might get it this event but 8/8 we a team is unlikely.
However, we are right around the corner and are only getting closer to it!


If you like to raid and snipe this is the team for you raids happen at any time of the day members are super active.