Sapphire 1 addition to Atlas


Can you please provide a timeframe for when Sapphire 1 teams will be added to Atlas?


Right now lots of diamond teams are not settling in yet. And we are still waiting for the addition of the new map. So I expect a month at least from PG


Damn lol if we’re actually gonna have to do this, I’d really like to just get it over with.

Thanks for the reply Dak. Hoping @PGJared or @pgEcho or whoever is on Atlas at PG’s end can reply too.


PG is very careful not to give set schedules out. Like Dak said, diamond doesn’t even have it all sorted yet and we haven’t even began playing Atlas really, so it’ll be some time.


Be glad they are taking their time right now… the group that just joined were genuine pigs and pg is learning from us to make the next groups transtion smoother


I wasn’t provided cucumbers or kale to snack on :cry:


u have a huge chunk of wood to snack on :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: silver lining I suppose… and genuine pigs wins autocorrupt of the day lol


Wow didn’t even catch that


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