Sapphire 2 team with Atlas access recruiting

TopGunTG is currently looking for up to 6 players to join our ranks as we transition to Atlas. We have had a few members decide Atlas is not for them, so we understand how demanding Atlas will be. Potential candidates must be prepared for those demands in order for the entire team to be successful. All the normal requirements are also enforced (war, events, communication)
We want everyone to have fun and continue to grow together, so please apply and message an officer if you think you can meet these criteria.
We look forward to hearing from you


You have a great team!
I am seriously considering but my concern is I have a friend who is no very active wanted to be same team as me. So Iā€™m discussing with him how active he can be.

I am interested

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We are looking for 4-5 now. If interested in Atlas(a lot) please apply or drop a line to any Officer. Thanks folks for taking a look.

Message me in game so we can chat @Susan2418

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We still have some availability. Ideal candidate must be ready for the demands of Atlas, so we can continue to grow and get stronger as a team

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